6:25 am, May 26, 2015

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  • If they have to furlough
    up to 22 days for a $85B cut, imagine what it will be next year when it is a $100B cut. Since we won't get a budget passed again, it will be $100B off what the services are receiving this year.
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  • Glad I retired and got away from those evil dirtbags on the hill who always used us for punching bags.
    The Original Joe S
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  • I wish I were in your shoes
    Sue from the IRS
    If I was under CSRS, I'd be out of here so fast your head would spin. Sucks to be in FERS.
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  • Pay Freeze? Again?
    I'm Fed Up 2
    Congress and Senate....KMA you all deserve to loose your jobs for continuously screwing us! I hope secret service walks out on all of you!
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  • Continued
    I'm Fed Up 2
    By the way, where's your pay freeze? Why do you all think you deserve to be paid when you haven't done anything in the last few years but screw the federal worker? You all should be ashamed of yourselves...you all will pay for this in the long run.
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  • Lolve Contractors/Hate Feds
    If this had ANYTHING to do with reducing the deficit, the pain wouldn't be limited to the civilian workforce. There is plenty of waste throughout government. Limiting Obamaphones to 911 calls only would be a good start. Closing bases overseas and stopping all financial aide would be another. DOD for example is waging cruel and costly psychological warfare against its civilian workforce. All at the same time we are financially aiding the Syrian rebels who will no doubt turn around and fight us. And even before the first actual furlough day, the casualties are too many to count. If this had ANYTHING to do with reduced budgets, DOD would be actively cutting back on its bloated contractor workforce full of retired officers. But it is not. Instead, the contractors have bee shielded form even any hint of furlough while the civilians are told to keep morale up while they can't sleep. Shameless.
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  • Going to Continue
    This seems to be the norm these days, and unfortunately, we are probably going to see the worst yet to come. It is quite possible that the pay freeze will extend for at least another 3 years or more. This with the reduction of Government Employee base (FTE), will continue in my opinion until they get the numbers down. The next thing will be the reduction in grades. I see the SES force being cut by 50% at least. Then I see GS-15's beging trimmed WAY WAY back. I see many of those jobs being downgraded to GS 14. Now is that a bade thing, no but it generally takes its toll all the way down the ranks to the lowest grades. I also see feds losing the matching funds that the government provides for Thrift Savings Plans. That is going to be an open target I believe. Bottom line is, pay freezes are going to in place for a long time you can bank on it. Also, it will not surprise me if the "within-grade step increases" will be frozen as well.
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