8:00 am, May 23, 2015

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  • If congress is serious about cuts, they will go to multi-year budgets
    Wilhelm Heisenburg
    If congress is serious about making cuts and reducing the deficit, they will change the law and go to multi-year budgets. Given the hosue sets the stage for appropriations bills, a two year appropriations bill would be great. So much energy and effort goes into submitting budgets, CR's, cuts, etc.... this alone would save hours of man-power. IT would also give agencies some consistency year-to-year and allow them to carry funds over from 1 year to the next instead of blowing anything left at the end of the year. This would amount to real savings.
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  • budget
    I am tired of congress messing with the american people due to the budget crisis. First of all, I think that thay are resentful that the president was re-elected, they are getting back at him. They are doing everything they can to make him look, bad especially by the proposal to eliminate Obamacare. This whole budget deficit can be easily solved by having the congress eliminate their paychecks. Can you imagine the pooled paychecks and what that would add up to? They can afford to not get paid for a period of time, enough to solve the budget crisis.
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  • Federal Employees
    In another article that I read, this bill includes an increase by the Fed employees to their retirement plan 5.5%. In addition, Ryan talks about revamping Fed Pay and benefits. Be careful for what you wish for. While all the research presented seems to show we are overpaid, we are not. So as an IT Specialist, I will look forward to getting a significant increase in pay. When I left private industry, I took a $25k cut in pay. Also, lawyers and , scientists make less in the government. So, they will need to look at job, years of experience, etc when doing the revamp. They truly might be surprised by what they see. Good point in the bill - lower corporate tax rate to 25%. It is horrific that GE, having a 4B profit, paid 0 in income taxes. We do need reform but please lets be smart about it.
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  • Congress and Obama Hate Feds
    The war on Feds is almost complete. Since most Fed jobs require a college degree these days, it won't be long and all you will have left is otherwise unemployable Phoenix, Devry and Cappella alums. Good luck with that.
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