5:16 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Are people that dumb?
    Lisa Lisa
    If people are dumb enough to have co-workers on their FB or Twitter, then they have it coming. If they speak of work on FB or Twitter-they have it coming. I dont have anyone from work on my accounts nor do I speak of work EVER unless its all sunshiney good and vague. I dont work in a place where natl security or anything like that. I dont want to have to worry whether I set my privacy settings correctly or not so I dont talk about work that isnt positive if at all. This is a very toddler thing. Despite many articles and talks about workers saying stuff about their work on social media-people still do it. I say its toddler-like because its like telling a 2 yr old "no cookies" and the minute you turn around, their hand is on a cookie.
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  • Big Brother?
    Maryland Mom
    When you post information on Twitter or Facebook, referring to it as "Big Brother watching" is just ridiculous. If you write in a letter to your friend, send it through the post office, and the government or someone else reads it, then start worrying about Big Brother. I don't use any social media sites. If my friends want to know where I am and what I'm doing, they know my address and phone number (not the cell phone which is for work only), they can just ask me anytime. I monitor my children's Facebook accounts by going to their page, I don't need to "friend" them. I'm sure most adults can find something else to do with their time.
    Beach Mum
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  • 100% right on
    I'm Jack Tors
    It's amazing how adults feel the need to act like teenagers on social media. Grow up folks.
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  • Enjoy Social Media
    Sleepless G
    Great Article and Great Comments, but I enjoy Social Media. Just use Social Media wisely and don't worry about the fears of conspiracy freaks. Goodness Grace!!!
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  • Moral
    If you don't Facebook/tweet, don't start. (I haven't - identity theft risks are bad enough nowadays without having to deal with Facebook's super-leaky security.)
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  • It all Internet
    First of all, never post where you work or what you do on Face Book or any other. And remember, don't put anything on the Internet whether an e-mail, FB or tweet, or a blog like this you don't want your mother or Boss to see. Once it is out there, people can find it that know how to look. They may need to go around a few laws, or have authority, but those comments never disappear.
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  • I agree
    I have seen one or more persons who list where that person(s) work. I agree. It is not a good idea. The public may contain one or more person(s) who have a grudge against that agency.
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