12:14 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Love Contractors Hate Feds
    Love the cover photo of Babs pretending she cares about us. What are they going to do when "Going DOD" replaces the term "Going Postal"? A lot of lives will be ruined in the near future. I hope everyone can cope but you never know how a fragile person taken to the breaking point will react. And for what? Absolutely nothing. Everyone knows none of this puts a minor dent in the fiscal crisis. If Congress and the Administration were serious, the pain would not be limited to the GS workforce. Let no one mistake, this is all about one thing and one thing only. Screwing the Feds once and for all and handing the checkbook over to the contrsactors.
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  • OK for the meat inspectors
    What about the rest of the furloughs this sorry budget preserves? I work at DoD, and despite the furloughs my work will still be done. Only it will be done late, which means those waiting for may input will have my lateness added to their's, and so on down the line until we get to the men and women in the field. That the House leadership is totally oblivious to this shows how out of touch with reality they are.
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  • Outsourcing and retirement jobs are conflicts of interest
    Honest Broker
    The politicians all have money trails leading back to the contractors, so how could we ever expect them to come up with a balanced budget? Then to compound the problem and cost, they allow influential Govt personnel (military and civilian) to retire and take a job with the contractors. Is not the retirement check good enough? Why did they retire if they wanted to work? Back in 2011 and 2012, POGO.ORG had to sequestor Govt documents about the contractors and then found 2 times to 5 times cost over paying Govt employees over a lifetime of benefits. Why do we still outsource? That's right, our politicians on down the money trail will not get their cut. Wish there was a fix, but the same folks that could change it unfortunately have the biggest conflict of interest.
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