6:47 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • USDA seeks Reprogramming Authority
    Bill - DoD Europe
    Imagine a member of Congress "rankled" by an agency head's last minute request!! When's the last time Congress did anything that was not last minute? How many budgets have they passed on time in the last twenty years? (I believe the answer is 2) Talk about calling the kettle black!
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  • Sequestration but USDA can still buy 400,000 tons of sugar to keep the price up
    Wilhelm Heisenburg
    USDA has to furlough meat inspectors, effectively shutting down meat plants but they can buy 400,000 tons of sugar to keep the price up and just give the sugar to ethanol producers (already subsidized). You won't see the cost of gas go down though. Somethings stinks in this and its in Vilsacks office. USDA buys ~$23 million dollars of peaches every year-what do they do with them? I can't find out on thier website-no transparency or accountability. USDA is subisdizing big agrobusiness, not the small farmers. It has lost sight of its original mission. IT needs to be re-looked at. A very corrupt agency.
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  • Read up on Reprogramming
    Federal agencies do not choose where to spend their money. That decision is made by Congress. If Congress gives USDA authority to spend money buying 400,000 tons of sugar, USDA can only use that money to buy 400,000 tons of sugar. Agencies are only permitted to reprogram small amounts of money, and like money reprogramming has to be budgeted out throughout the fiscal year.
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    Can't even keep the food being sold at their own Farmers Market in front of their headquarters safe: http://foodsafety.news21.com/2011/local/capitol-poultry
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