9:35 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Score a success for the sequester
    Things are looking up sequester-wise. This is exactly what other agencies should be doing, i.e., looking at such questionable activities as high cost conferences and determining that they don't make sense in an era of austerity (or quite possibly any other time), and that viable low cost communication alternatives exist to meet the desired goals of such cancelled high travel cost events. Let's hope to see more such common sense outcomes. It's unfortunate that it requires a drastic event such as the sequester to force agencies to make such decisions and look at their business-as-usual practices in a fiscally prudent way - something that should have been done routinely all along.
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  • why?
    I don't understand why these actions, across the board, haven't been taken before now. Really? A conference on SmartPay? Puhlease. VTCs can save a boatload of money - or determine that events are unnecessary.
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  • Taking away offsite conferences in resort areas
    is like taking limos and groupies away from rock stars. Oh! The Humanity!!!
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  • Marketing? Conferences?
    GSA, you should be the last to complain that you don't have enough money!
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