5:43 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Furloughs
    It's nice to see that you are blaming Republicans for this mess! That's exactly why I would never join the AFGE! This is Obama's mess along with the democrats. Quit blaming the republicans only. The whole administration is corrupt.
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  • Agreed!
    Quit blaming Republicans and stop the chatter about anyone not paying "enough" taxes. Those of us who DO pay taxes, clearly pay "enough" as the US will set a record for collecting the most taxes in our history this year. The answer for big G is the same as for the rest of the citizens, "start living within your means."
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  • Reps are to blame. No, Dems are to blame. No, the Pres. How about all of them?
    Honest Broker
    Why are people defending a political party when all politicians had a hand in this mess? I wish there was no party system, so these jokers would just represent their state or district. Yes, we should be solvent with all the taxes being taken but we have too much waste caused by conflicts of interest. How about quit retirement jobs with Contractors? How about going after all the fraud in intitlement programs? How about insourcing our colleges and quit bring in foreign students to tie up taxpayer paid slots? And the list goes. We see Capitol Hill as the prime suspect, but don't confuse the issue by playing the blame game to distract from the fact they all had a part in it. The Pres is taking a 5% cut. BIG DEAL!! How about we freeze all Capitol Hill and White House assets and payments until they do balance the budget?
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