10:28 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Buy-out or enough to get you by
    Lisa Lisa
    Buy-out. I am no where near that time frame but I always am shocked at the values of the buy-outs. It doesnt seem like a whole lot of money really. In fact, given the state of every agency, I would think the buy-out money has served a new purpose: The money you will get to HOEPFULLY tie you over until you EVENTUALLY get your retirement pay installments. People seem to have always complained that it took too long to begin with-I wonder how long it would take now that people have been cut to process retirements. So if an agency gave you lets say $10K as a buy-out. Would that be enough to tie you over until your 1st retirement pay gets to you? I dont know. How long do people wait now..6 months? Could it turn in to 9 months-a year? You cant pay off things or tuck that money away. I would think you actually NEED it to live off of. So, $10K wouldnt do it for me. When I figure how much I would need to live off of for 6 months, you either have to have that money socked away or jus stay parked.
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  • Shrinking Value of the Buyout
    Twenty years ago the $25K was worth twice as much as it is today. I took the VERA-VSIP ten years ago and was ecstatic just to get out. I was so happy I even let the door hit me in the keester.
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  • Retiring
    I too retired without taking the $25 K. It was the toxic working atmosphere and being turned down for promotions that I was more qualified than the persons who got them. Complaining does no good in that the administration always whitewashed the complaints. After banging my head, I decided that I did not need this type of aggravation and retired. I am much happier and glad that I did not stay there to get a higher pension.
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  • Early Out?
    Want to get rid of the CSRS employees? Offer then 5 years added to their pension up to the 80% limitation, then see how many leave. I for one would be gone, even without $25K!
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  • Add 5 years...YEP ....GONE...
    Agree with you KAM11212010...Started working for Feds in 1974, but left in 1983. Returned in 2006, still working for Feds today. With my Military Service I have over 17 years, give me those extra 5 years (I am in the CSRS Offset over 62 years old), and I would gladly leave, promplty, because I have ALL my quarters for SS also. Wish they would do that.....I would be gone, working at Home Depot part time enjoying the good life instead of a 2 hour commute and a job of uncertainty.
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  • Perhaps
    You want your cake and eat it too? C'mon! Enof with the I want, I want! Be glad you have the golden parachute. Many of us miseed it by months or a few years.. Thanks Ronnie "f***kin" Reagan! Across the board, $50k early outs to those eligible. Not eligible, then $25k!
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  • Happiness is like herding cats?
    Chase it and it runs away. Relax and sit and they come to you. But if you're in a bad job situation some type of change would be smart. I can't afford to retire, even if they gave me extra years. Although if they threw in financial aid for college kids that might work.
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