6:46 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • early out would be enough
    Old Navy Comms O
    Had they offered an early out, I would have taken it. But since they didn't, I bailed on January 11 this year and broke into my TSP account to get me through until the end of the year when I turn 60 and start my pension. Note: If you are age 55 or older in the year you separate or retire, the 10% early withdrawal penalty tax does not apply. Life is just too short. If you are not happy in what you do, quit and do something else.
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  • No Joy
    Aiming High
    Our agency has a policy VERA-VSIP can only be offered if postions are reclassified, not cut, and the person occupying that slot cannot be moved somewhere else due to the reclassification. In addition, we rank-and-file also recetnly learned our office's program is a top priority at our agency and apparently is the reason VERA-VSIP is not being offered as a management decision. Will have to tough it out until retirement eligible by time served and age.
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  • No early retirement
    I am in a CSRS retirement program and in my early 50's they will not let me retire in the last early retirement offers because I work in a classified area. I asked if I am so needed why are giving me days off without pay. In two years when I reach 55 I am gone.
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  • Early outs now ! Avoid furloughs in 2014 !
    I think it is the right time to offer early retirement to all eligible federal employees. Many employees are waiting for this critical decision.... and may be the next possible furlough in 2014 can be avoided.
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  • Buyouts are just another
    insult by the government to the federal worker. After taxes, the money is a joke. Buyouts without money? Don't even think about it.
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