7:18 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Such bitterness
    Mike, It is disheartening to hear so much bitterness. Doubly sad in that it is created from a self-inflicted wound conceived by the President and the Congress. I see so many dedicated Feds working every day to do what is right and yet I hear grumblings in my office at all grades. In my department, the most bitter are the most senior and the most likely to depart were they give ANY incentive. And, should any of them leave we'll not be able to backfill. The future looks bleak, Mike. Very bleak.
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  • Gloom, Dispair and Agony
    Here's one for the old-timers....Hee-Haw! Gloom, Dispair and Agony on me. Deep dark depression, excessive misery. If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all. Gloom, Dispair and Agony on me. 5 years and counting.....
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  • Hee-Haw and Bitterness
    I am under 50 and as I read those words I pictured Buck Owen and Roy Clark...and I hummed the tune in my head. Guess that makes me an old timer!!! I never wanted to be sour and bitter. I was happy and always felt that I was treated fairly and promoted fairly. However, after making it to the top of my GS-series and working very hard for several years, I was screwed over royally by a mid-level manager. This person had only worked for the government (and my agency) for under 10 years but was promoted over employees with many years of service. She does not know how to do my job, and she only had a few short years as a front line manager. She treats people cruelly and has no friends except her pal who promoted her. She has no idea how much she has effected my life, from a serious cut in pay to feeling depressed then angry, then depressed again, to truly doubting that my agency is serious about it's mission. So here I am, bitter, hurt, still cry about it from time to time, serious setback financially...but the biggest thing is that I thought I could make a difference. I had passion for what I did. She put out that flame, and I am counting the days (under 3,000 now) until I can retire.
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  • Wow
    I have seen, but not experienced that. The manager had about 10 years in. She fired 2 people so far. One I knew was very good. I did not know the other. She is working on a third who is also a very good worker. She is an expert on the manual. Does she know the job? i doubt it.
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  • now no retirement seminars
    Taxpayer Too
    Now the March 20 and 21 pre-retirement planning seminars are cancelled. We're getting benefits taken away and no help with retiring (not that those seminars are a big help. They have us between a rock and a hard place. Makes me wish that I had taken the buyout. The stress of less money would have been far better then going through the stress of worrying about what benefits were being taken from me and probably gone by the time I actually do retire. Nothing like being raped! I'm thankful to have a job, I'm thankful to have a job, I'm thankful..........and for the time being I can make my bills!!! And on the positive side, things could be worse.
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  • If you take the early out...?
    Radar Tech
    If you take the early out, do you still get the Social Security supplemental bridge from retirement to age 62? Are your TSP funds still held ransom to the confiscatory penalties?
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  • to radar tech
    Old Navy Comms O
    Don't know about the bridge payments, but as to TSP-- Go to the TSP site and look under life events and separating. I tried to leave the link, but the site won't let me. In pertinent part: You may also have to pay a 10% early withdrawal penalty. However, if you are age 55 or older in the year you separate or retire, the 10% early withdrawal penalty tax does not apply. So the key is--are you 55 or older....
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  • No SS
    I was offered an early out in 2012 and ssked if I would still get the SS Supplement ata ge 56. The answer was NO ! So my answer was no also. I was only 51 with 28 yrs under FERS - no way could I survive with 28% of my hi 3 and no SS plus no access to TSP.
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  • Social Security for CSRS retirees
    There is no social security allowed for CSRS retirees, unless you take a corresponding hit on your CSRS pension. However, you can work and still collect your full pension.
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  • Joe is FERS
    28 years of Service is FERS. I have 29 years today and was one of the first FERS hired in 1984.
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  • SS for CSRS
    You can get SS if you are CSRS. However the SS is greatly reduced -- not the CSRS pension. Check the SSA web site.
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  • Early Out and Supplement
    My hubby took the early out last year. He will be eligible to receive the supplement when he reaches his MRA of 56 in 3 more years. Sooooo, the answer to your question would be if you are FERS you get the Supp at MRA no matter what age you go out at. CSRS doesn't get the Supp because it wasn't part of their retirement package. FERS has it because it was supposed to make us all feel warm and fuzzy with our 30 or so percent vs. CSRS' 80%. Feeling warm and fuzzy anyone?
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  • 2 things about folks leaving
    1. when someone retires we loose some expertise and knowledge of systems. 2. maybe it's just where I work, but for awhile every time a gov employee would leave we'd get 2 or 3 contractors.
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