9:43 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Early out without a buy-out???
    Not an option for me, at all. I have 4 years to 55 (for CSRS) and cannot afford to leave early with or without the buyout.
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  • Living Off Your Buyout
    Carter Hired Fed
    Took the buyout and called it a career on 5/3. The buyout arrived in the 5/14 check and the 5/29 check was for the annual leave and credit hours. Like clockwork, on 6/1 received 67% of the annuity, on 7/1 it increased to 78% and in early December was at full strength and had received the catchup amount. I bought back time in December and in February everything was current. With morale and pay at all time lows, I'm amazed anything is getting done in the government--you get what you pay for. When you mess with people's pay, you are messing with their lives. Very sad that the only way to get a raise is to quit.
    Carter Hired Fed
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  • Won't Wait for a Buyout
    My agency hasn't had buyouts for years and folks are leaving in record numbers. April 3, 2013 is it for me. Been a blast but time to get out of the Congressional line of fire. Getting out while the mental and physical health is good and I can enjoy unemployment.
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  • Oh!
    And they still advertise for Iraq/Afghan civilian positions with the COE... who in their right mind would even consider such a silly stoopid thing. When 88% of your Congress HATES govt employees and a POTUS who could give a sh eet and is not a President, but an Imperial President. Canada would be my next home if it wasn't so darn cold. My old bones can't handle the cold anymore. Maybe move down to Florida with the old retired GOP couples who own half the USA and still think Obama is a muslim! lol.
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  • My Sty offered early outs, but it wasn't worth it to me. I stayed another 4 years, and my pension is much better.
    The Original Joe S
    A buyout is worth almost nothing. They give you the money, and then immediately take back about ~30% of it in taxes. Further, if you get re-employed, you don't get the taxes back from them. ................................................ When my 30 year sentence was completed, I filed the papers immediately and did NOT let the door hit me in the kiester on the way out. It's so wonderful to watch that check hit the credit union early in the morning of the first of the month. It's going on 6 years now, and retirement is wonderful.
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