3:58 am, May 26, 2015

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  • GAO
    The GAO should let Rep Ryan know that once Seqestration is over and their employees are back to work full time, they would be glad to put this study on the list of things to do. Until then there is too much to do just to keep the GAO afloat with its employees taking a 20% cut of hours worked for the remainder of the FY. This is how money is waisted, Congress writes and approves Bills that cost more then they are worth. Doesn't Rep Ryan trust the Directors of the Agencies and Departments in the Federal Govt? Why spend more money to learn something he already knows? Is this game called "Stump The Chump" his he just looking for something he already knows so he can ask catch 22 questions in an open hearing to make himself look good on TV? What a waist of money.
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  • servitude
    Hope GAO will look at how agencies are interpreting the "2 furlough days" for their employees.
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  • If I were GAO
    Lisa Lisa
    The demands..DEMANDS! of Paul Ryan to GAO. Snap fingers! I want! I want! I DEMAND! If I were GAO, my response to Ryan would have been, "Due to sequestration, our abilities have been extensively hampered to provide ON DEMAND requests. Please submit your request. An email will be generated to advise you of your expected wait time". Then the email: "Your expected wait time is 6 months or until sequestration terminates, thank you"
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  • Lyin Ryan
    Great, more data calls to gather information for this ridiculous request at a time when we are going to be short handed b/c of furloughs. Another example that he doesn't understand what is involved in his requests or actions, you don't snap your fingers and the information is magically at your fingertips. Seems fairly obvious that he is going to use the findings to say that Agencies could have done more to cut in other areas to reach the budget reductions without furloughs. Another moron at the helm who doesn't understand governance.
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