10:36 am, May 30, 2015

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    I agree with the logic behind restructuring of the cyber profession workforce (civilian) to be on par with the skill set and functionality these individuals perform and need. The conventional logic of grade x and y-as it has been for the last 50 years- does not apply to this group of talent and currently proves difficult to recruit and retain such a force. As work roles relative to the workforce are considered, while I agree with content within NICE and the proposed 42 work roles by CYBERCOM, all work completed by this group of individuals is not technical in nature, rather managerial and operationally focused as well. Strategy and policy, operationally focused, and/or managerial persons should not be precluded from considerations relative to incentives and pay. Nor should the career path and training standards be forgotten because they are not based on certifications and exams. You need a fine balance of the 1s and 0s guys, the technical and analytical minds, and then those people that can put it all into "complete sentences". Thus when we consider a whole of government approach, it will be important to understand that cyber is comprised of many components, some technical and others operational; some network related, and others managerial; some virtual information based and others strategy and policy. Identifying training standards for such a force is slightly more complicated than NICE and CYBERCOM's 42 Work roles. Progress with patience and practicality to get it right rather than haste leading to something that will have to be changed again 3 years from now.
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