4:30 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Getting old and tired
    I'm in my late 50s with 23 years of service. There are 24 employees in my office (we are supposed to have 27). Only 1 person still in her 30s and 4 in their 40s. The rest of of are in our late 50s & 60s. So we are a little older than the average noted in the survey. I used to love my job and looked forward to coming to work. Not anymore. The workload has increased drastically in the past few years yet we have fewer people doing the work because of the hiring freeze. In addition to the current 3 vacancies, two more co-workers plan to retire this year and we won't be able to replace them either. Add to the stress of an ever-increasing workload the aggravation of pay freezes,looming furloughs and constant fed-bashing, is it any wonder most of us are counting the days until we can qualify for retirement, even if it means finding another job once we leave? There's lots of posturing by politicians who insinuate we are lazy and inefficient - that government is too big simply because the number of employees has increase slightly over the past 20 years. Well, has anyone paid attention to how much the U.S. population has increased in that time? Federal workers serve the public and that public continues to grow. If we were a private sector company whose customer base had grown as much as the general population has, don't you think that company would have hired more employees? I put in extra UNPAID hours every week just trying to stay on top of my growing workload and I know many other feds do the same. At the same time, federal workers are growing older. I don't have the energy I did when I was 25, but I do have more knowledge and experience. I think the federal workforce is on a collision course - our average age and ever-increasing workload is leading to burnout and physical collapse. Maybe that is the actual plan the politicians have for cutting costs - work the feds to death so they don't have to pay our pensions and they can fill the empty positions with lower paid (and less experienced) people.
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