11:54 am, May 26, 2015

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  • KISS
    Yes, what any seasoned IT federal employee would have done with an ERP project. Keep It Simple Stup$d! Unfortunately, with the desire to outsource the last 25 years, managers hire contractors who nod their heads to these ridiculous kitchen sink functions. What these managers don't realize that by adding the unneccessary functionality they raise the price. A contractor won't say no to the requests, it means more money for my company. A fed would have. Unfortunately, most of these federal system engineers have been retiring and we are left with a managerial aristocracy that only knows how to repeat buzz words and move on to their next promotion if it looks like the project is not meeting the schedule.
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  • And
    if you track the history of the players... Beth McGrath has been a top main player for many years, I recall her name. It is the SAME people in leadership positions making the same billions over-run over and over and just getting promoted (military and civilian). It's TIME to place leadership accountable to the mission and cost! We work the Navy ERP and it is broke more than it is worth. But the Navy is so far with their heads in the sand, they can't turn back to anything anymore. And also, the same contractor and civilian (GS) working Navy ERP are either promoted or advanced in some way... all for years of failures!
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