1:52 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Hypocrites
    Each and every one of these blood sucking dirtbags is a hypocrite. Federal workers? What about their cushy packages for eternity. This Congress is a joke and quickly making this country and government a joke.
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  • By the way
    I don't know about anyone else but I'm sick and tired of feeding the unemployed and baby machines.
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  • ME too. If I had my way, welfare and all those public teat programs would stop immediately.
    The Original Joe S
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  • Republicans are clueless
    . . . And Republicans wonder why they lost Virginia in the Presidential election. Republicans remind me of the wedge - the world's simplest tool!
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  • Gov't Employees Are not to blame
    Greetings all. I will not sit here and say that the federal government has not grown substantially since the events of 9/11. Rightfully so, there should be mitigation measures to begin scaling the workforce. However, continuing to target this workforce for the outrageous spending and egregious mismanagement of government funding is not the answer. First Issue- Paul Ryan believes government employees make a significant amount more than that of private-sector employees. I disagree. I am a Sr. Operations employee with almost a Ph.D working as a federal employee making 87K/year while my counterpart in private-sector or contracting makes roughly $350/hr. It doesn't take a genius to do that math. Second Issue- Sen Murray says government employees have "borne the brunt of recent deficit reduction efforts", I don't believe you will find one government employee that does not agree. 2 1/2 years without a pay raise while Congress/Senate pay increases; While private sector employees pay increase dependent upon profession. I am not saying there should be annual stipends but these employees are already underpaid relative to contractors and private-sector employees. The math they are doing doesn't add up. My thoughts: I won't argue against decreasing the size of the workforce. But I will take a stand against the continual targeting of the government employee to solve issues much larger than it is to blame. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the discrepancies with both plan proposals. What are they if you must ask- the individuals on both sides that believe they alone have the answer. -No country needs hundreds of fighter-jets averaging an cost of $300million/craft. Why do we have it? Because some politician is on the chopping block for making an agreement to a private-sector constituent. -No one says we need contracting companies to do the work of federal employee organizations. Why do we have them? Outside of the latter, because the government is not willing to serve up some private-sector practices and be willing to cut where these contracts. The DoD Comptroller is willing to cut the federal civilian workforce but want to ensure the contractor continues to be paid "We will honor our agreement with our employees". I don't believe that statement included the federal employee-- -No one says government employees are entitled to a retirement. Guess what, the government only match if you invest in the program. **News Flash** The number of government employees investing into retirement compared to those who are not...hmmmm I don't see those numbers floating around. Solutions: A) Stop spending countless hours pontificating on what [individuals] believe to be right b/c it hasn't worked in the last five years. B) Congress/Senate Look at your bank account- is it over 1 million dollars in net? I am sure. So is it really the government employee that is the target? Or is it those private-sector deals being made that have you on the chopping box if the government employee workforce is not the target? [Totally subjective comment] C) The government's role in education is failing. Give it back to the states to manage. They were much more effective D) Welfare. I don't know, but if I was receiving a handout I would not look for work either. Stop trying to please everyone and make the tough choice. Put a max limitation on those handouts. Because targeting the federal employee when those funds begin to draw up doesn't make allot of sense. E) Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security- hmmmm Last time I checked, I will never see a penny of this, yet I still pay egregious amounts/ pay period. I don't know, but what was the purpose of the individual paying into h/her retirement if all of these other benefits will be there when they retire. Sounds a bit to practical to me. Fun fact: Did you know the senate and congress are also federal employees? Guess what, the furlough nor sequestration effects them nor their staff and they make $150k+/year. Just checked my bank account...it definitely effects me. Are we saying these are the persons that will keep the country running while the government employee is forced to take unpaid time off? I will give one of them my entire salary if one of them could do my job for a week. Let's be honest, there is no easy answer to solve this issue. However, the underpaid government employee should not be that solution to what congress and senate millionaires fight like freshmen in college do to prove one knows more than the other. The Gov'tEmployee101
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  • one could argue
    One could argue that as Ryan and his cronies in Congress, have not done their job, that they should be fired. Of course that won't happen (until 2014), but their salary should be withheld due to non-performance. Of course that won't happen either, because unlike federal employees, they don't have to do their job to get paid.
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