12:02 pm, May 26, 2015

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  • Ryan's proposed budget has already been
    ridiculed as it contains no substance. No real numbers, now "How to get it done." Just "We need to cut expenditures blah, blah, blah." He ain't that smart. He just knows how to yank the chain of middle America and get them woofin. So does Honey Boo Boo....same group of people.
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  • really?
    as far as I can see his is the only plan that has actuall numbers and will cut our deficit and balance the budget. The Dem's have no plan..oh wait they just submitted a plan after 5 years... WTG. I think you need to be honest with yourself and look at it objectively. Mr. Ryan knows the numbers and he CAN balance a check book.
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  • Yeah? You don't change the game in the middle.
    The Original Joe S
    We signed up for the deal for 30 years with an expected input and expected output. While the outside sector was reveling in the money, the Feds were underpaid. NOW that the economy is going south under the bread-and-circuses polithoowahs, everybody is JEALOUS of the Fed worker. NO raises for 3 years now? What hogwash! They scrood us with teh 1/30th deduction of our already-taxed contributions. They scrood us with the forced savings-bond buys. They always scrood us. What would they do if everybody with experience and were eligible to retire did so tomorrow? Chaos. I'm glad I'm out in my 6th year now. Keep that monopoly money coming every month. I spend it on whiskey and women, and just squander the rest.
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  • the answer to your question
    What would they do if everybody with experience and were eligible to retire did so tomorrow? They would replace you at half the cost, and probably get more work out of the new employee. If you're so "scrood" then quit, but we all know that you're going nowhere. Do you really think anyone believes that that you're being "scrood"? Give me a break, and get back to "work".
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  • Federal Pay
    I think this Bozo is extremely overpaid! he needs to make $7 an hour and see how a lot part of America gets by! If he was paid by his performance, he would owe the government. I am sick of being bashed because i am an easy target!
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  • federal pay
    LI fed
    Not to mention, I for one, have a real problem that he is speaking at CPAC today, instead of being in Congress doing what we are paying him to do !!
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  • yeah
    you have an issue with hime spending 10 minutes at a conference that's 20 minutes from his office but not with Obama flying all over spending 180k/hr to play golf? Mr. Ryan has worked on the budget 1000000000000 times as much as the President and his admin has. Have anything to say to that?
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  • Have anything to say to that?
    FERS Fed
    Yeah, Ryan's 2014 budget still sux for any Americans with net worth less than $1 million.
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  • Dear Congress
    If you really want to save money by cutting the budgets of federal agencies, here is a bright idea. Gather up a bunch of low to middle rank staff from each agency and their divisions. Give them 14 days to review their own agency staffing levels, programs, and senior management. By the end of those 14 days, the employees could cut their agency budgets by 10 possibly even 20%. Honestly, you may be a member of Congress, but you have NFC as to how to run let alone manage the budgets of our government. Sincerely, The middle class tax paying federal workers you clowns have punished for the last three years.
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  • Furlouogh's
    I called Congressman Austin Scott's office to inquire if they were going to be furloughed along with the federal workforce. There answer was NO! They stated that they were going to have a tax increase. Go figure that one out. I also called Sanford Bishop's office to inquire about the furlough and got the "Let's play dumb" response. They had no response and no answers. Both of these Congressmen have failed miserably in supporting the federal workers at Robins AFB and Fort Benning. They ought to resign for failing to do their job.
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  • AS a Fed...
    I say this is ture... "In fact, the Senate's budget plan suggests that it isn't federal workers who are overpaid, but contractors". and it is ture because we don't hire the best/cost effect companies. We hire for race, we hire union contractors and we hire for reasons of "fairness" want to reduce contractor cost? Hire the best company for the job at the lostest price you can get. There should be no benefit in being a black owned, women owned, union led company. But hey this is what the DEMOCRATS have produced, a goverment w/ "quota's"
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  • sad to say...
    Sad to say, but there is a lot of truth in your statement. The pressure of being politically correct has taken common sense out of government.
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