3:07 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Who needs you?
    The power in a relationship goes to whoever needs the relationship the least. We're finding that out now. While some are frustrated over the headaches, many are joing DD & company by bailing out and saying ta-ta. Good for you in that category. The rest of us are pursuing survival strategies that we each hope will succeed. And like surviving in Iraq, we each have a different one. I say get frugal and ride out the storm. Anybody got anything better?
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  • I am in CSRS
    It does not pay for me to ride out the storm. I also believe that the improper government funding will last many years. (I was wrong about sequestration not happening.) It does not pay for me to stay.
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  • Social Security
    Social Security has already cut back. They cut their hours to the public so their workers could finish up before the end of the day and not be paid overtime. (What's overtime? Haven't seen it in decades, only credit hours.) So as of January first any employer who worked regular overtime has had a cut in total, just not regular pay.
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  • Darned if you Do
    The Department of Agriculture has been cutting back for the last 18 months in preparation for sequestration. We have endured two rounds of VERA/VSIP, resulting in a 30% loss of staff in my area. And our local operating budget has been slashed by 60%. We ration everything; every expenditure undergoes intense scrutiny. You could say we have been practicing abstinence while everyone else has been at the orgy.
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