5:47 am, May 24, 2015

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  • furlough/budget cut
    faithful federal worker
    I have been a faithfull federal government servant for 15 years and never questioned once why we need to cut the budget in order to help reduce the national deficit. However, it really irritates me that Congress has not given federal workers a pay increase in the last three years and wants us to suffer even more by implementing sequestration. If Congress, especially the House of Representatives wants to cut the budget that bad, why are they NOT talking about cutting their salaries or working on a regulation to reduce salaries of future Congressmen? Moreover, they don't even want to discuss their retirement packages. This is a very dirty game that Congress is playing when they themselves can afford to take a paycut because most of them are millionaires. On the other hand, most of the federal government employees need every penny from their paychecks to fulfill our obligations.
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  • Exactly!
    Yes, you're right. But "them's who has the gold makes da rules." Or in this case, the Fed doesn't have gold but it does have a printing press. The sequestration cut is 85 billion in one year. That's a mere pittance compared to the 85 billion the Fed pumps out in debt every month. Sadly, most are unaware. With the big banks ruling this country (and said printing press), count on $10 per gallon gas and higher, and losing it all.
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