2:20 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Quality of life
    I have some measure of sympathy f/ the milatary and their families but only some. -- I would have a lot more sympathy if they had been through the same ringer as civilian workers have these last few years. -- I know they are volunteers and many, but not all, regularly go 'into harms way' but so do many civilians - and WITHOUT the same suppport or recognition. -- My net pay has gone down more than $125 every 2 weeks compared to 3 years ago. I haven't had a pay increase for 3 years. -- No one promised me life would be perfect as a DOD employee but I certainly expected that I would be working FULL TIME. -- If the military could perform it's mission without civilians that constitute the majotity of the logoistical support fine, but they CANNOT. They need civilians, some government and come contractors, to perform vital functions. Food, POL, ammuntion, housing, vehicle repair, requisitioning of spare part and equipment are just some of those functions that the military personnel currerntly cannot perform themselves. -- I recently read that we had signed up for civil service not servitude. -- There is very mistaken perception that federal civilian employees are unmotivated drones. -- If the civilian workforece isn't treated beter than it has been for the last few years soon the majority of the people who will be willing to work under these conditions will be unmotivated drones and the military and the entire country will be much worse for it.
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  • Through the ringer?
    Iraq. Afghanistan. Thousands killed and permanently maimed. Families wrecked. Divorce rates through the roof. Servicemembers and their families have been through enough of a ringer. To suggest otherwise is just wrong.
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  • Agreed
    you forgot to add free health/dental, 50% retirement while contributing ZERO, free college, no taxes while deployed,extra money for food,housing,cola's, half day every fridays, coming in late leaving early, extra day off work if no one breaks the law (DUI). Only job where you can keep getting promoted with no additinal education. Oh and magicnally your active duty job becomes a civilian job that you converted right before your retirement. And their concern is that T.A. money (4,000 dollars a year) this has nothing to do with the GI bill may have to be cut. Give me a break I have NO sympathy this is a VOLEENTEER MILITARY. IF you don't want to do your job don't join and then expect everybody to pat you on the back
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