2:01 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Perception is Not Reality
    "80 percent of respondents said their agency communicates effectively with industry on procurement matters." Reality is about 8%, if you were to ask industry. Collaboration and communications are at their worst level in some time, as the adversarial "us versus them" meme continues to permeate the acquisition workforce. In classes of 20 or more where I teach federal acquisition and program management, I am shocked if more than 5 have actually even heard of MythBusters. Further, 80% state they are hindered is some fashion in communicating with industry, are told no one-on-ones, etc. Perhaps CAOs need to get the message to the front-lines, as the results of this survey are startling in what CAOs perceive, and what the people in the field think. This is a huge disconnect, and a major part of the problem in trying to fix the gap in capability deficiencies in the acquisition workforce.
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