1:58 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • HUD Furloughs
    Peter Bayer
    Given the constraints Sequestration places on agencies, the furloughs at HUD are understandable; however, what the article fails to address (perhaps because HUD didn't provide an explanation?) is WHY HUD chose the approach of having everyone furloughed on the same days. One of the unstated implications is that all contractor support will be suspended those days too, since contractors generally can't work without government supervision. So the effect is going to be much larger than just the direct HUD workforce.
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  • HUD Furloughs
    The reasons given for furloughing everyone on the same days are simple - it's easier for human resource staff to keep track of furlough days if everyone is off the same day and closing the buildings will save energy $$. I do understand the comment about the larger effect re contractors. I also understand management is discussing the furlough with the union. I am personally grateful that the days chosen do not start until May (giving Congress a chance to work things out;)run consecutively with a long weekend, where possible; and that they chose the Friday before Mother's Day and Father's Day.
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