11:05 am, May 30, 2015

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  • The way we were
    Just me
    As a manager, in a national security agency, I tell my direct reports (and contract staff) that what we do is like playing in the world series every day. We are the best at what we do, what we do matters, we have to and it matters nationally. Now, after more than twenty-six years of service I feel so worn out, tired, and battered that I am only hanging on until I reach MRA. I still do my job to the best of my ability, but have decided that the desire (of Congress and many fed-haters) to transform public service into public servitude have caused me to make this decision. In a little over three years and nine months it will be time to do something else.
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  • Be like a duck in water
    Try to hold on. And don't let the $%#@* wear you down. It is not worth it. Since you are NSA, which means you have real deadlines, how do you handle the furloughs?
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  • Non Illegitimus Carborundum
    Rock Man
    Don't let the b@$!@&)$ grind you down !!
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  • furlough
    I thought NSA was exempt from furloughs.?
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  • One Day at a Time
    Every day when the alarm goes off, I ask myself "Do I really want to go in for another day?" Then I think about the people depending on me and about my co-workers and I do it. I guess when I reach the point where I decide it's not my problem any more, that will be the day I turn off the alarm and go back to sleep. I'm not that altruistic about it but when asked I do say I have 41 years of service. I made my deal with society long ago that I would work for a lower salary in exchange for good benefits and a retirement annuity above average. If Congress chooses to void that deal by now reducing benefits or retirement, then I will need to end my part of the bargain even if I am still productive. It's a shame that public service has become something to scorn instead of the honorable profession it once was. This goes not just for Federal employees but also for police, firemen, teachers, and other public employees. It appears public service is not appreciated by many people - at least until they need something that directly affects their own life.
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  • Amen, LS
    You nailed it. Fed AND state government employees are being demonized for political expediency. We're blamed for problems we had no hand in creating by elected officials who oppose all government on principle. I'm tired of being kicked, slapped around and abused by the public and politicians. Insult to injury, I'm told I should be happy that I have a job. I'm thankful for my job but where in private industry do you have a boss who constantly badmouths and belittles his workforce? Its crazy and I see no sign of it ever getting better. Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be Feds...
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  • 2762 Days, 11 Hours, 51 Minutes and 16 Seconds
    That is how long until I am eligible to retire. I sure hope that the Fed-Bashers do not change the rules, thus making it impossible for me to retire on my eligibility date. As a college-educated professional, I could make significantly more in the private sector. However, I chose a lower salary in exchange for job security. The benefits I currently receive are no better than those received by my private-sector counterparts. One great benefit is the fact that I will be able to keep my health insurance after I retire...unless that is taken away from us too. The Fed bashing has really hurt me because I cared about and believed in what I do. I truly thought that I could make a positive difference. Note the past tense...after twenty-five years of dedicated, hard work and loyalty, I finally realized that I have been set up for failure. My goals (doing a proper job) and those of upper management (appeasing the private sector so that when they retire they will be scooped up at three times the salary) do not jive. Then we have executives who have no business being executives, and annual business plans that conflict with my agency's mission. When it finally dawned on me that nothing I did would make a difference, I cried and cried and cried. I want government reform - I want a government that is flexible and can respond to situations that are not "in the manual". I want the GS grades assigned to job descriptions to be commesurate with the educational requirements, expertise levels and difficulty of the position. I want the politicians to stop bashing me, and to stop telling me that because I was "insulated" from the recession, I should be punished by reducing my benefits. I also want to reverse the burn-out and disgust I now have. It's because I truly cared...but the caring is oozing out of me.
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  • Congress
    My Congressman doesn't get the link between government money being used to outsource to the private sector and job losses when the federal budget sustains huge cuts, such as we're seeing now with the sequester. He does not budge from his position that only the private sector creates jobs. And, of course, I never, ever, get a response from his office when I send comments to him. Go figure. He reserves his nasty inuendos for federal workers in his monthly legislative updates. And, yes, he has many federal employees and federal contractors and sub-contractors in his district. He's tea party. Does this help explain the problem?
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  • Chill pill
    Mr Ed
    Thank God for your Congressman! Yes, us Tea Partiers are well known for driving fancy European cars and stay at our luxurious homes in places like Martha's Vineyard or San Fran. We have had many a Tea Party event at MV and San Fran! We get a thrill up our legs when we throw out nasty inuendos. That is just who we are.
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  • Actually, Tea Partiers are well known for things like....
    FERS Fed
    ....saying that Americans without health insurance should just die in the streets (Sept 12, 2011, GOP Presidential debate, Tampa, Fla). Or booing a gay American soldier serving his country for asking Rick Santorum about his stance on "don't ask, don't tell" (Fox News-Google Republican Presidential debate, Orlando, Fla). And my personal favorite, saying that America’s greatest mistake was allowing women the right to vote (May 1, 2012, Fox News interview with Tea Party activist Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson). ..... The Tea Party - continuing the finest traditions of the KKK.
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  • Pay freeze, furloughs, etc.
    I am glad that i have a job, even though i hate going to work at the new Walter Reed. It would help if we had gotten a raise, thaen maybe i could retire. I can't now because my money is not right and i have to work longer until things are better. A pay raise makes a big difference
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