4:47 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • The Federal government
    will have a very hard time replacing the CSRS/Baby Boomer generation. Each succeeding generation has a smaller population to choose from. Each succeeding generation also seems to be getting less and less intelligent also. sure they are whizzes at computers and technology, but don't have the smarts for their optimum use. Yes, you say there are plenty of younger generations who can do the job and you'd be exactly right, but how many of these best and brightest will be willing to work for the government for reduced benefits, for lower than contractor pay, to put up with the outrageous slings and arrows of our government "leaders". The generation we have leading us is why we are having the problems we are having. The baby boomers are retiring and saying good riddance. The current generations are only saying where's my cut? Well, it's not as a Federal employee.
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  • What's not to like?
    Converting work schedules from the flexible to regular schedules, then converting a furlough "day" into a "furlough one hour a day over 8 days" so 1 furlough day is eliminated.
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