11:14 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • My question is
    if 22 days of unpaid furlough are required this year, what is the plan to get through next year when even more is cut from off the top? Sequestration is a 10 year time bomb and this is only year one. If we have to have furloughs now, we might as well just pack it in now and give up.
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  • furlough alternative
    At Fort Knox the United States Gold Bullion Depository holdings are 4,578 metric tons (147.2 million oz. troy) in 368,000 standard, 400 oz. troy (12.4 kg or 27.4 lb avoirdupois) gold bars. At the Mar 11, 2013 rate of $1,593 an ounce that is $234.5 Billion. Why not sell off $10 Billion to avert the proposed furlough of all Federal Employees in FY 2013?
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  • DoD Furloughs
    Patricia L.
    I know that we have to cut back. I never thought that the Civilian Workforce would ever be affected like it is. It is too bad that Congress cannot get their act together. Maybe they should do what the Cardinals do to get a new Pope. They should be put into the Conclave and held there until they reach a decision. If they did this maybe things could get done. We as Civil Service Employees have been without a raise in 4 years. Yet the Congress passed a bill to get an automatic raise every year. They take a month off in December and during the midst of this sequestration they take a week off while the nation is waiting for answers. Do they think this is fair? Probably because they only serve a two year term and then they get $150,000 for the rest of their lives. I think this should be re-looked at. They need to make decisions that help the American people. They should not get $150,000 unless they retire in that position, meaning they need to work 20 years like we do to get that type of benefit. I believe I will run for Congress and get that benefit so I will not have to work any more. I can live off of $150,000 a year. I also believe the Congress should be affected by this sequestration just like we are. They are DoD employees so what makes them exempt. We are told it affects everyone and thus it should affect them.
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  • Umm-
    "We have entire defense agencies made up of contractors". Well, there is part of the problem. You could cut your costs in half by hiring or having an actual FED do the work. DOD is, and always has been bloated. It's about time they got some budget whacking. Here is another thought. Close some bases down here at home and overseas. Really. We aren't the worlds police anymore, nor should we be. Take some of that defense pork and spend it on education and environmental programs. There. I said it.
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  • Psycho Warfare
    DOD is waging cruel and costly psychological warfare against its civilian workforce. And even before the first actual furlough day, the casualties are too many to count. If this had ANYTHING to do with reduced budgets, DOD would be actively cutting back on its bloated contractor workforce full of retired officers. But it is not. Instead, the contractors have bee shielded form even any hint of furlough while the civilians are told to keep morale up while they can't sleep. Shameless.
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