10:06 am, May 26, 2015

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  • The Weasels in Washington
    Fur Lowed
    If you're sick and tired of the President and Congress acting like spoiled brats - while holding you and your families hostage to their "childish games", then please let your voice be heard and sign the petition at http://wh.gov/vmcm Here is what the petition says: “Sharing the Sequestration Pay Cuts w/Congress and the President If federal employees are required to take furloughs and suffer 20% pay cuts, Congress (Senate and House) members and President Obama (the people who are responsible for the sequester and the resulting furloughing of federal employees) will "share the pain" by taking 20% pay cuts themselves. Members of Congress and the President (due to their inaction) will take responsibility and in a show of solidarity and unity with the 800,000+ employees - who through no fault of their own will be forced to accept 20% pay reductions - will share equally in the pain and suffering that they themselves are responsible for.” If the President and Congress want to act like babies, then they should be treated as such - diapers, pacifier and all.
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  • I totally agree
    Time Bandit
    I am not a Fed but I was a contractor for the Navy for 10 years in DC, I was laid off in 2010 due to funding cuts. I find it appauling that our gov't can spend taxpayers hard earned money and have absolutely nothing to show for it, then they have the nerve to cut Feds off at the knees and raise taxes on Americans while they themselves sit pretty collecting their fats checks and benefits. Then to top it off, Americans have to pay higher taxes. I have been busting my can for 30+ years, I am still working. It angers me to see those leeches on welfare, baby factories and illegals not paying one dime in taxes, instead they are sucking up what Americans work hard and pay for.
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  • Contractors?
    deployed decoy
    In 2010 when this came to a head, like a bad joke every year. The contractors in Kuwait had been funded, in advance, and would be going to work Monday (Sunday). That was Friday afternoon. The only two federal emergency essential in the signal battalion that were to report were the COR and network manager. All the rest of us in a war zone, were told not to report to the base unless a deal was reached that weekend. I asked what if Saudi attacked or forget that, this is a war zone, please how is my emergency non-combatant evacuation going to happen? Until big business takes a 20% across the board contrite cut. Nothing is going to change. Please know contractors are paid in as the Army calls it, a different color money? Nothing like a purple $1 Trillion bill under the table and forgotten...
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  • Furlough 26 Apr Start Date
    this one doesn't make sense to me as most feds are GS employees and 26 Apr is the middle of the pay cycle and a 22 wk plan takes us into the new fiscal year, which I'm pretty sure can't be done legally. 21 Apr makes more sense as it is the beginning of the pay cycle (for most) and a 22 wk plan will keep us in the current fiscal year. But those are just my thoughts. Maybe I just don't understand and need to be enlightened.
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  • The ultimate cost of the furlough
    Erin Robertson, MD
    While there are complicated reasons for this financial decision originating from the Commander in Chief, I question its presumed future success. I am sure there are other programs in addition to ours that will ironically end up incurring additional cost by essentially freezing productivity. Our example, the Medical Evaluation Board/Physical Evaluation Board daily processes soldiers on limited profiles that are no longer medically able to perform their basic soldiering or MOS activities, and as such, are in administrative limbo continuing to collect salaries and incur medical costs for continued care while unable to contribute to mission completion. When/if this furlough resolves, we will have a national backlog of servicemembers that still need to be boarded out, determined to be physically/psychiatrically unfit, and transitioned to the VA system, which fortunately has been shielded from this furlough. If we were also to be preserved, we would be transitioning these soldiers out faster to the VA, which would then take over the cost and ultimately improve their medical care. I can only imagine there are other programs with similar scenarios, which makes me unfortunately and respectfully question the true motivations behind this furlough.
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  • Huh?
    " "What we'll do instead is try to level the money. To the extent that we have transfer authority to do it, we'll move money from the services that are a little better-off to those that are less well-off."" SO let me see if I got this right. An agency that has been a good steward of the taxpayers money, been fiscally responsible, and has existed within its budget is now PENALIZED? Oh, yeah, and your employees can take 22 days of furlough as well because it's only fair. Seriously? This smells too much like the share the wealth agenda that has been going on for the last four years. The American public will see just how much these government services are necessary when they become impacted, hard, in the next two months. I am sad. For this country and for our future. I can only help that the folks downtown take action to right this wrong.
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  • spend so we don't lose funds next year.
    You mention that an agency or sub agency that hs been a good stewerd of the taxpayers' money is penalized. I worked for the government for 37 years and this has always been the case. Once we were actually told by our immediate manager to make sure we spent every last nickel, whether necessary or not, drive around around the city at whatever the mileage rate was then, so we wouldn't be cut next year.
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  • Who is Kidding Whom?
    General Insight
    Let us move the clock forward 1 year, click, click, and click. Okay it is now March 12, 2014. Did 2013 furloughs accomplish economic and political goals? “Ego: The fallacy whereby a goose thinks he's a swan”
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