10:50 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Conduct a review and fire those that have wrongfully not paid their taxes
    Radar Tech
    Don't furlough anyone! Fire those that have not paid their taxes unless they have some valid reason.
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  • Wonderful
    Sideline Commentator
    More red meat for the fed haters out there.
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  • It is astonishing how much better the federal employees are than the general public
    Liam Skye
    at paying their taxes. There should be some kind of crackdown on the non-feds to try to bring their level of compliance up to that of the federal employees.
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  • Change the Headline
    It should read more of what the story should be. Something like "8.2 percent of General Public owes back taxes while only 3.2 percent of Feds do". Why do you perpetual the Fed bashing with such headlines and stories? Shameful!!
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  • Title should have read: "Private Sector Businesses fail to pay over $58 billion in unpaid payroll taxes to the Fed Gov"
    Even though this is a site about Fed News, the slant should not be what the Fed doesn't do but rather what the private sector businesses do not do under this great country that provides the safety, security, and freedom to create private business.
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