7:56 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Ready or Not?
    Prior to these unclear definitions the govt was closed it was closed. Now that OPM has sought to redefine closed, the resulting confusion is not surprising. Per OPM, on the day when the Fed Gov is "Closed"... "Telework-Ready Employees" who are a) scheduled to perform telework on the effective day of the announcement or who are b) required to perform telework on a day when Federal offices are closed .....must telework the entire workday or request leave, or a combination of both, in accordance with their agency's policies and procedures, subject to any applicable collective bargaining requirements. Issues with "a" - If I was scheduled telework on the day the govt is closed it wouldn't be a problems since would have brought home my govt issued laptop and network card. However, as far as work is concerning...Who am I communicating with? How to I complete projects that would require collaboration with my non-teleworking colleagues? Unless I have some projects that require non-team related projects, not a lot is going to happen that day. It would be the equivalent of showing up to the office and being the only one there. At least I could get filing and paperwork done. Not so easy when you are using your laptop. Issues with "b" - At my agency, you have a govt issued laptop that is to be used exclusively for telework. The laptop connects to a docking station. That makes us "telework ready"...we now have the hardware that enables us to telework. The only reason I undock is to take the laptop home. So...if Wednesday was not your regularly scheduled day, you would not have your laptop at home. How then could you be "required to perform telework on a day when Federal offices are closed?" Any day you don't have your laptop, you are no longer telework ready. Are agencies requiring employes to carry their laptops every time the NWS anticipates possible snow? Or should telework ready employees carry their laptops around daily? At my agency, this has yet to be explained. I don't think this is an issue about "whining" as some disingenuously describe it. This is an issue of clarity. I have no issues with following policy, but the policy must be clear and applicable across the board. I got 4 different sets of "guidance" on this the day after the shutdown. I suspect that this policy will again be subject to further clarification.
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  • Telework o Snowmageden 3/6
    Wednesday 3/6 was my regularly scheduled non-telework report to my desk at the office day. So, since I work from home everyday except Wednesdays my laptop was at home on my desk in my home office. On Wednesday mornings I normally take my work laptop and I put it in my backpack to take to the office. But, on 3/6 the office was closed and for me it was not a regularly scheduled telework day. So, I was told that according to OPM and agency policy that I was not expected to telework on my scheduled in the office day. I even took the time to review my telework agreement and other agency policy documents. No document contradicted what OPM said in its announcement. So I did not work on 3/6. Mind you I had electricity and a functional Internet connection. Perhaps somebody needs to consider the question on what to tell employees who are telework ready and have their laptops, electricity and Internet connections and not scheduled to telework on the day the office is closed. Common sense would say 'have all telework employees telework even if its not a scheduled telework day.
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  • Telework
    working 3 jobs
    I am not allow to telework because of my position, just an Assistant to my department. But I witness two individuals hurry up and let the supervisor know Tuesday they were going to telework Wednesday. Funny thing, they did not do any work because they saw that the Federal Governement was closed. Oh by the way, for the some of the individuals that do telework on a regular basis in my department don't work a full day. But still put in the normal hours, I know this for a fact as I called one of my co workers who was so call teleworking but in fact was doing errands that day.
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  • Telework
    I am constantly amazed at how many people comment on these articles without actually READING the article itself. So many people are accusing the employees that Mr. Causey quoted in his article of whining about telework when in actuality they were questioning the ability of management to change their telework agreement after the fact. My telework agreement states I can work from home less than 80 hours in a month. I do not take my laptop home everyday because it needs to stay hooked up to the lan for updates and whatever else the IT people choose to do. If I am already home when someone makes the decision to close our office, I would not have my laptop unless it was one of my scheduled telework days. If my supervisor decided to change my telework agreement in some way from what was originally signed, then we would re-do the agreement. The employees that were required to telework on the closed day have a grievance if that is a change to their normal telework agreement. However, I would suggest they read the agreement before going off on a tangent....similar to what a lot of people here have done. BTW...I work in Montana...what exactly IS a snow day?
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  • Telework Ready - the dark side
    I work for the Interna lRevenue Service. NTEU is the union that covers our agency. Our Union contract states that "Telework is not a replacement for dependent/family care." If you work telework and have children at home an employee is required to use the same dependcare sources they would use if they worked in the employer's office.
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