12:39 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Telework Ready (or not)
    The federal government has a basic telework agreement standard but when it comes to the specifics each agency can choose what to add. My husband and I are both feds in DC and both have telework agreements with our agencies. We wrok from home two days a week. His agreement states that he will be expected to work on days the office is closed even if its not his regular scheduled day, and he received an official email from his management on the Monday prior to the impending snow storm telling him to be prepared to work from home that day. As NH7 pointed out in an earlier posting, my husband knew up front that was the deal and is fine with it. My agreement doesn't include that clause so I was eligible for admin leave if I wanted it.
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  • tele-work agreement
    Kenny Ray
    regarding individual agency agreements, it seems what is needed is some universal clauses that ALL agencies are required to include in any tele-work agreement. An earlier poster raised an excellent point (Mike needs to retract his comment) about child-care. I can tell you just with the experience I have had with our grand-daughter, there is no way in God's Creation anyone is going to be able to take care of an infant or toddler and still put in their eight hours. Two clauses (at minimum) need to be required of all agencies: 1. Office closed due to inclement weather, you tele-work whether it's your day or not. 2. You still pay a babysitter, you can't do two full-time jobs. It is no more ethical to take care of your kids while tele-working than it is to run a part time business while you are tele-working.
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  • Want some cheese with that whine?
    Taxpayer Too
    I don't have the luxury of being able to work at home when the weather gets "frightful" as I still have to trudge through snow. I have to take a day of leave if I can't it to work for safety reasons. I live in the west and, believe it or not, we get snow here too! Oh and what kind of crackers would you like with that whine and cheese you're surving up out east.
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  • Wednesday Telework - Snowquester
    I am approved for ad hoc telework, I do not telework on a regular basis. Therefore, I was one of the individuals who teleworked last Wednesday when the Government closed due to threat of snow and I was happy to do so. I do not like to drive on slippery roads, and they were slippery that morning. In fact, the majority of the employees in my office teleworked on Wednesday. Your article stated that most employees had a free paid vacation day, but that is not true for my agency as most of us are telework ready. I am not sure why some Federal employees who teleworked are upset. If is not as if we were not paid. I was paid for the entire day and I worked the entire day. I do not expect a free paid vacation whenever it snows. I am a professional who is deeply commited to my job as a public servant. I am also grateful to have a job I love in these hard economic times. As more and more Federal employees become telework ready, the culture which expects "free paid days off" should change with it, and these types of seemingly petty complaints should disappear.
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  • No dark side
    Wednesday is my regularly scheduled telework day, so I was going to be working regardless. But for years, my coworkers and I had no option but to take unscheduled leave when government offices in DC closed, even if we had power and an internet connection. How dumb was that policy? And we still have the option to request unscheduled leave on days like last Wednesday.
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  • telework compatable jobs.
    It was mentioned throught the comments that if you have a telework agreement and the office is closed for snow, one of the telework agreement terms is that you are expected to continue working from home. What isn't said, for now, is what about people working jobs that ae declared "telework compatable", but don't sign up for a telework agreement. It seems that for now they still get adminiastrative leave, as before, when offices are closed. It is only a matter of time that anyone in a "telework compatable" job will, although not required to sign a telework agreement, be offered the opportunity to do so, and if they refuse, will always be required to take annual leave for a storm closing, whether they have a telework agreement or not. If a job is not "telework compatable", for instance, a secretary, would still take admiisatrative leave, while an IRS reveune officer would have to take annual .
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