5:30 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Teleworkers (The Chosen Few)
    Sleepless G
    I can understand having to take care of your kids, but teleworking on a regular basis is just a "boondoggle"!! Teleworking at my command is only available for management and a chosen few each week. And if they are anything like my wife who telecommutes but is not a government worker...this means sleeping late...check a few emails and make a call or two...run errands....then check a few more emails and make calls in the afternoon....then call it a day. Maybe 2 or 3 hours of work - PLEASE!!!!
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  • Maybe Tthe Authorities should be notifed
    Maryland Mom
    I am more productive when I work from home. I don't get co-workers stepping into my cubicle to chat. I take a shorter lunch since the "cafeteria" is only 3 feet away, and I don't get frazzled by a bad commute. Last week, I worked my 10 hour day, plus some, to make up for co-workers who were off work for the "snow". If someone who is teleworking only works 2 or 3 hour a day, they should be reported.
    Beach Mum
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  • Maybe....but
    Sleepless G
    I don't think most teleworkers are as conscientous as you. There is just too much room for abuse. If there is not a sick family member or unsafe weather, you should go to work each day. I do. And when I stay at home, I use my leave.
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  • Yes I am conscientious
    Please don't speak for us. I'm greatful for the opportunity to telework, don't abuse it, and enjoy the work I get done in a nice, guiet environment. I save on gas, and commuter aggravation, and no, I don't do errands while I should be working. Telecommuting is not to be used as a daycare alternative. It's in our agreement. By the way, there is just as much room for abuse at the office.
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  • OK
    Sleepless G
    LOL All I can say is altrustic rose-colored glasses, but I love your honesty and your work ethic.
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  • Really working??
    20 plus years
    This article mentioned childcare. I'm curious as to how someone can "work" from home and watch a child at the same time. Our agency's Union contract clearly states, "Telework is not a replacement for dependent/family care." There are core hours in which an employee must work with two fifteen minute breaks and a half hour lunch. So, how many times a day does an employee stop working to deal with their child. I bet it's more than a total of one hour. If you can't bring your child into the office, then you shouldn't be able to watch your child when you're supposed to be working at home.
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  • Exactly!
    Sleepless G
    It a government boondoggle under the auspices of......
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  • Good Point
    And I caught it in Mike's column when he said one of the benefits of telework is reduced day care. When I began telework and took a training course (I'm with DoD), it was very clear about childcare - you provide the same care as if you were in the office - the same as what you quote here. So, no, you are not supposed to be babysitting AND working. Mike might have made a bad assumption. I know this has been touted as a benefit in private industry. This is why the CEO of Yahoo took so much heat for cutting telework.
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  • Correct
    and I have been called into the office on a work emergency while I was teleworking more than once, it does happen. If you don't have childcare arranged on a telework day and then get called in, you could refuse but then have to be prepared to accept the consequences - at the very least as the supervisor I'd cancel the violator’s telework privileges for an indefinite period, although also writing the employee up during their review wouldn’t be uncalled for either, in my opinion.
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  • teleworking
    At my agency we sign a telework agreement. It specifies the rules and, yes, it basically gives management the right to make me telework or go into the office on scheduled telework days.However, switching days is not the norm. Basically, they "change" the day by requiring all hands on deck for a meeting, training, whatever, so that I have to report to the office on a scheduled telework day when they require that. I do not get to trade that day in the office to telework a day that I'm scheduled for the office. I telework 2 days a week. Sometimes I'm in the office 5 days a week. That's the way the cookie crumbles and it's worth it to keep telework. Bottom line, look carefully at your telework agreement. And, suck it up, because really how often is the government closed? Unfort!unately we're facing more family time than we want when we're cut back to part time work via furloughs. You might wish then that it was legal for you to telework on all those furlough days instead of playing in the snow or at the pool.
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  • Trade-off is well worth it!
    I can't imagine anyone who teleworks complaining because they have to work on their day-in if their POD is closed. After 26 years, the opportunity to forego traffic and transit on a daily basis is more than enough to make the trade-off worth it for me. Anytime my POD is closed on my day-in, I look at it as a gift and am happy to go down the stairs and settle in my home office. Honestly, you can't get better than having to go into the office once a week!
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  • In the Good Old Days
    REALLY? SERIOUSLY? People are complaining because they have the opportunity to stay off the dangerous roads, stay dry and warm - during (possible) bad days. Unbelievable!! I have been with the Federal Government for 35 years - and I remember the "good old days" when it took (more than) the act of God to get OPM (formerly the Civil Service Commission) to close the doors! If you did not want to go to work - then you took annual leave!! I remember a day many years ago - they didn't close due to bad weather. It took 3 hours to get to work - just to get there at 10:00 am .... for them to tell everyone to go home. The conditions and traffic where so bad that it took until 3:00 pm - just to get to my city and my van pool could not get me to my car or into my development - so I had to walk in the deep, cold, wet snow .... 3 quarters of a mile. THAT WAS ANOTHER HOUR! I got home frozen ... my day wasted! Yep, those were the "good old days"! I was thrilled when we got the word our Department was going to be allowed to telework (totally optional)...... and still to this day believe it is a win/win situation. I have a doctors apointment, need to have the an appliance serviced, my car won't start .... NO PROBLEM I telework!! Most importantly, OPM has become very "employee safety conscientious" and will give the option to telework ... or close if is sounds like it is going to be bad (and like a lot of people I live to the west ... and it usually is bad). As a TAXPAYER - we should work if we are being paid - if we have the ability. It is not a day off - or a holiday -- it is a work day for which - regardless - of what you say - many of us are well compensated (factoring in annual leave, sick leave, benefits, and most importantly job SECURITY)! Either withdrawn your telework agreement ... and get your few "days off" and take annual leave for the little things ... or get over it and get to work! UNBELIEVABLE!
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