5:44 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Perspective
    Just wanted to note that "most feds" were not home due to the snowstorm. Only about 10% of federal workers are in the DC area.
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  • Perspective and Reality
    I could not agree more. Those in DC seem to forget that there are Feds in every part of the US - not just in DC. The "rain" day last week was a farce. Remember the big nor'easter blizzard that hit the northeast in early February? Our offices were "open for business as usual" on the day of the blizzard. After several hours of snow and high winds, our federal building was closed in the early afternoon due to the significant accumulations. The city and sate emergency management offices wanted people to stay off the roads for safety and plowing purposes. To the teleworker who wondered if she would get time and a half...how immature and childish. Poor baby had to work for her pay. Attitudes like that give us all a bad name.
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  • Please Stop Complaining
    I am fortunate to be a teleworker. It means I can sleep an hour longer and I don't have to deal with the crazies on the expressway at 5am. Not to mention the savings on gas and wear and tear on my car. I am more than happy to work at home when the weather allows others to have the day off.
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  • Telework Ready and Able
    Current Fed
    If you care about the job you are paid to do as a Federal Employee and you can successfully perform that job from home, then why shouldn't you work for the pay you get on a snow day? The Government has offered some flexibility that can save you leave, can save you money that you would otherwise spend commuting, and will save you time. In exchange, you may have to put in a day, for which you are being paid, by working at home when the weather is bad. How tough is that? Instead, you exhibit the exact behavior that brings negative scrutiny on Federal employees, you whine about having to do your job. Why don't you whiners wake up and appreciate the fact that you have a job in a rotten economy? I appreciate my job and I worked on the snow day without complaining. I was happy to work from the comfort of my own home.
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  • Teleworking - I love it!
    Seriously....People are complaining about having to work when their office is closed even though they are equipped to work from home? I believe it would be a case of waste and abuse for an employee not to work at home during an office closure who has been equipped to do so. I do telework and people who complain about having to work during office closures give teleworker’s and government workers a bad name. Be happy you are able to telework. There are millions of people who would love to have that opportunity. - Love teleworking for the Feds snow or no snow.
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  • Telework Ready
    Gene M.
    Our new managers took our TW away because the field does not have TW. However, last Wednesday he asked us to telework! I would like to TW at least once per PP and not only on snow days!
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