10:06 pm, May 26, 2015

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  • Mikulski
    Even Mikulski is treading carefully. You just KNOW you want some pork! (I know, both parties do it) Everybody stay calm, do the right thing and the gov't won't get shut down. I'm fine if it does. The sequester proves gov't is WAY too big and all the "sky is falling" stuff didn't happen.
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  • The Sky is Starting to Fall
    Radar Tech
    As I write this, the Nantucket radar is out of service with a bad rotary joint. I have heard, but not confirmed, that there is another radar out of service in California, too. These radars are not going to be repaired until the funding crisis is over. Our radar has one channel down with a bad T/R tube in the wave guide causing excessive receiver recovery times. That means we are limping along on one channel, unable to order spare parts to effect a repair. If the other channel has a fault, our facility just lost primary radar. We will do our best to fix it by cannibalizing the already down channel, but we will have a hard outage rather than one that is transparent. That will cause the air traffic to go from 3 mile to 5 mile separation - causing delays throughout the NAS. The sky is starting to fall, it just takes time.
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  • Govt way too big? How about reducing the contractor force? Unnecessary purchases?
    Honest Broker
    Every policy coming out of Washington seems to benefit some company in one form or another. I wish people would clarify what they mean by Govt is getting too big. It is if you include all the made up jobs to shell out taxpayer money for unnecessary products or services. My shop had companies crammed down our throats saying we had to get them on contract, so they could build something and then turn around and sell it back to the Govt at 5 times the price it should have been. And then the military could not do anything with it, so it went to a warehouse or DRMO. Oh by the way, everyone in the supervisory chain (military at Pentagon to civilian supervisors) managed to land retirement jobs under that company. Take away retirement job incentives and go back to fixed price contracts, but I am sure Washington would figure out a way to get that money to friends and eventually into their pockets. I recommend reducing Govt starting at Capitol Hill by taking away their vote on what should be funded and move it down to the citizens. Unfortuntely they make the laws, so this will not happen and they will continue to push this propaganda that Govt is too big meaning more corporate America and zero Govt employees trying to keep costs down or keep Americans safe.
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