3:56 am, May 28, 2015

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  • what government workers do
    Thanks Mike for letting people know that government workers work and do important things.
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  • Thank you Mike
    Thank you so much Mike for taking a stand for the Federal Worker. Just think if Federal Workers we made to endure more stringent measures. Take for instance the Ntaional Weather Service. What if every other forecast office was closed down. What then? What if Air Traffic Controllers were told to stay home? I can tell you, everything would come to a stand still for the most part. How about our hidden warriors who guard the World Wide Web here in the U.S.? Too much to grasp for me sir! There are a lot of services that would simple come to a screeching halt should more stringent measures be put into place. People need to quit picking on the Federal Worker and start looking at the good that we provide.
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  • what do federal workers do?
    I am surprised that after writing this column for years, this is all you can come up with about the value of federal workers. In DOD, we are the backbone of the military. When military deploy, the work they leave behind gets done by the civilians. Over the years there have been lots of military deployed but the work still gets done. We provide continuity, whereas the military are moved around every 2 or 3 years, and just about the time they get to know the bases and their jobs, poof they are gone. But the work doesn't go with them, it is left for the civilians. Or don't you think DOD civilians do anything important? Any other federal employees out there think their job is important to this country? Speak up!
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  • Unsung heroes
    We always hear about the high glamour cases, but govt is full of thankless but necessary jobs.
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  • All to true
    I also am a civilian DoD employee. If I am furloughed, my work will still get done -- only done late. This will cause those who rely on my input to be late with their work -- or should I say even more late since they also will lose time to being furloughed. Eventually this chain effect will reach the men and women in uniform deployed in war zones. So why is it that certain people in Congress can't figure that out? It is because they have a real disconnect from reality.
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  • Thanks Mike
    Thanks for pointing out the necessary, but often unseen work of the government. Everyone knows the military and their civilians are important. Anyone who lives near a base anyway. Nice to hear about some of the just as important, but lesser known aspects of other jobs. We all work together. Some agencies keep the government working, some protect us and one brings in the vaste majority of the money to pay for it all, or some of it anyway with the deficits.
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  • Mistakes Happen
    deployed decoy
    Well between ICE, CBP and HLS all in uniform at major US airports there are also those behind closed doors that can very quickly resolve or contain just about anything. I feel much safer these days, even if in 1st class, now the guy can use his 2 inch nail clippers to cut his steak. Couse in the old days I remember a 6 inch blade handed to me with my meal, while I sat three steps from entering the open cockpit door. Course I also remember during our 12 years overseas, my German wifes Green Card expiring. They have fixed that glitch in the INS code now. But, back then a person could not renew a Green Card under any circumstance, while domiciled outside the USA. It is also a federal law that a non citizen, married to an American, can ONLY enter the USA on a valid Green Card. So when we landed at JFK, after we cleared customs and immigration and were headed to our connecting flight. One of those secret doors opened with two armed guards directeing the kids, wife and me into the Holding Cell. They intended to deport my wife back to Germany on the next flight. In the end, after a conference call to DC, my wife got in the USA that day, on her valid Boise Idaho library card… Well It might also had to do with she was named on my official Army travel orders and the Army travel contractor purchased the RAT tickets, and she was a legal resident of Idaho. My standing (politly) on the HLS on duty supervisors desk expressing my displeasure with stuck on stupid, got all this completed in time to make the connection.
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  • Forgot to add
    deployed decoy
    I spoke with a Forest Service law enforcement team last trip to my cabin. They had just handed out a $250,000 fine and were finishing up the arrest and impoundment on an illegal logging operation on the edge of the Olympic NP. Lots of stuff goes on congress and the media never know.
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