11:44 am, May 25, 2015

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  • My view
    Time Bandit
    They are getting out while they can, unfortunately, even those retired can still get hit with benefit cuts. Remember, you may be retired but your still getting benefits from the gov't, nothing is safe these days....not even jobs.
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  • not safe in retirement
    You hit it right on the head as far as retirement not protecting you. Yes, you won't have to worry about furloughs, wage freezes, or psycotic managers, but you have several threats to face after retirement. One is what is called an "chained" CPI, which takes into account changes in peoples' economic behavoir as prices rise (if beef goes up, a certain number of people will buy more chickien, if gas goes up, more people will car pool. Also, the proliferation of senior discounts is also mentioned as a reason to limit the COLA). Another major threat is the idea of decreasing the portion of our health insurance that is paid by the government, or, issuing a flat amount voucher, knowing that inflation in the health area will render this amount to a pittance over the years. Anyone within 5 or 10 years of retirement eligibility would be a fool not to join NARFE, as this is the only organization that focuses on federal retiree issues. Unions also deal with retirement issues but have other things on their plate, like local union-management issues. Also, AARP is more focused on Social Security issues, and not on CSRS issues, or the two other legs of the FERSN retirement "stool".
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  • Planned to partially retire, but would lose supplement forever -- 3rd of your check
    Honest Broker
    With funding drying up, my office was finally getting utilized to come up with warfighter solutions at a much cheaper price (5 times less on my last project). Capitol Hill passed a partial retirement plan, so you could work part time and draw a partial retirement check. As usual, the catch was you gave up your supplement portion forever. It turned out to be a third of my check. The politicians also made procurement 5 times slower for my Govt office than for the contractors, so out of frustration and need the military was forced to accept the bloated price and we lost follow-on work. Guess what, I retired and did not look back. I hope it was not a mistake, but seemed like the best gamble at the time and just handing taxpayer money over unnecessarily was too depressing. I wonder when the contractors will start to get the pinch?
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  • What a surprize!
    Large numbers of federal workers being put on short time and receiving 80% of their pay, and retirements jump "Unexpectedly". Many folks with 30 years on the CSRS system are only working for about 70%-80% of their pay anyhow - so once the government decided to do a 20% cut in hours, they get more money sitting at home retired than staying with the federal government. And there's not just this year but with the current congressional configuration, we can expect more furloughs for at least another 2 years, while they try to address the real structural issue of spending on the big ticket items - Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security & Defense. It wouldn't be so bad but putting feds on short time isn't going to put much of a dent in the deficit anyhow.
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  • Increased Retirements
    Klem from IRS
    It is no wonder that long time employees are taking retirement. Management has been abysmal for the last 15 years. Computers are no longer a tool to be used to accomplish the job. If meaningless data is not into computer systems on a timely basis, RED scorecards are generated by the bushel. If everything is GREEN, everything must be OK, according to the computer systems. The daily beatings by Congress, notably Republicans, the right wing, and Tea Party, and teas agency management, has done little to improve service or morale. Oh, and salary freezes, another reason to bail, while staying increases your pension 2%, the high three average on which CSRS pensions are based has also been frozen. For those who are trapped by cirumstances, Good Luck- you are on your own; for those who can leave- go before it gets worse!
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