6:53 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Um
    Let's save millions of dollars by not pre-treating the roads and not plowing them. The weather is supposed to warm up by the weekend, so, let mother nature do all the work.
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  • Another day off?
    I'm a fed employee in Maine and am facing a 22 day furlough. These guys get (another) day off due to a little snow. Why not a liberal leave policy (like we are offered) vs another play day with pay? When will we learn?
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  • But not everyone is off
    There are some of us who are telecommuters today or telecommuting ready and our agreements state that in the event of inclement weather we still are expected to connect and work the day or take annual leave. The only exception would be if we lose power. Also, the DC area covers a wide area. Not every office is in DC and some areas of the region are expecting 5-12 inches of snow. In other areas there is little snow but lots of freezing rain. And for the record before anyone comments on it - I'm responding to this post during my lunch break and on my personal laptop.
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  • DC Closure???
    Oh dang, gotta close up the guvmint, a worker might git his shoes damp. Wednesday ... Chance of snow 100% with accumulations up to 3 in. possible. Wednesday Night ... Overcast with snow and rain in the evening... Chance of precipitation 100% with accumulations up to 5 in. possible.
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