3:07 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Yeah but what's next....
    Monday morning Quarterbacking on the TSP is great, but what are folks guessing WILL happen in March, due to sequester? I moved stuff around over all the cliff talk 12/31 and regretted that move! Put some of it back in mid Feb so I gained some, but certainly not the gains I would have earned, had I left it be--going over the cliff or not! Is sequester going to impact the market? Some educated thoughts please!!!!
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  • short term "investing" = speculation
    Jerry A.
    MDB, What you are asking for is a crystal ball so that you can speculate using your retirement funds. That is a sure way to lose a lot of money. No one can predict the movement of the stock market in the short term. Even professional fund managers lose to the passive low cost index funds ~80% of the time. Given that it isn't the same 20% who out-perform the index funds from one year to the next, in the long run the proportion changes to 95% index funds beating active management. Since my guess is that you are not a stock market professional, why are you wasting your living-when-old money on short term speculating? Stick it in a Lifestyle fund and, if you must gamble, stick to $2 bets on sports teams.
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