1:02 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Want to fix the budget system? Eliminate conflict-of-interest with fixed pricing
    Honest Broker
    Follow the money trail and take out the conflicts of interest along its path. That starts at the top with Capitol Hill by changing the campaign system to a fixed price limit with no exceptions. No more sole source and fee driven contracts. A fixed budget really makes you study those expenses. Companies are forced to use jobs as a legitimate influence on a contracting decision. All Govt personnel (military or civilian) involved with the contracting process or supervisory are barred for 5 years from working for any Govt contractor with no exceptions. Many have a retirement pension, so they will survive until the clock runs out. And has anyone checked the real cost of outsourcing versus insourcing? Oh yes, the Project on Govt Oversight (POGO.org) did and found the additional cost for using contractors ranged from 2 times to 5 times more expensive including all benefits and paying for a 30 year pension. Jobs would not go away, they would just go down in cost and benefit the workers. Too bad our lawmakers are the worst offenders of going to the pork barrel trough or the country could have a solvent budget and less taxes.
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  • Not what it seems
    The most likely outcome is that any agencies that respond will have their budgets cut by that amount >in addition to< the sequester reductions. "Well, you said you didn't need these things..." In any case, if Congress wanted targeted cuts, they've had years to work out a budget doing that instead of letting sequestration happen. The sequester wasn't a big secret, and its more than a little late to be asking for ideas for targeted cuts after the fact, except as an empty gesture to try and give politicians cover.
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