8:21 am, May 26, 2015

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  • Correction to the DoD plan
    Some non-appropriated fund positions will be exempt from furlough. Right now we are looking at only utility workers that are needed to safely operate power and water utilities on military bases. Since maintenance funding has also been cut to minimize furloughs for others, maintenance crews that are working capital funded will also be furloughed for 14 days. Very few DoD workers will avoid the furlough. What I am seeing makes it look like less than 1% will be exempted, and even some of them may see some furlough days before it is done. Not gonna be much fun.
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  • Sequester
    Kenny Ray
    A really easy and uncomplicated way to achieve the furlough savings would have been targeting the federal holidays. There are ten of them. Start at the beginning of the year with New Years, all federal workers who normally do not go to work on holidays, still don't go, but they also don't get paid. Those who do normally have to work on holidays are either also told to stay home, or if they are really essential or emergency personnel, they come in, but only get straight time, no holiday bonus. That solves the problem nicely. Federal workers still get screwed, so the Repukelicans are happy and impact on federal services to the public is minimized making the Democraps happy.
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