8:49 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Where's the list of contractor cuts? Public vote on what stays and what goes?
    Honest Broker
    This sure looks one sided, Govt employees lose but nothing about the contractors. Apparently our politicians are in too deep to make any serious cuts to their contractors. --- How about a public vote on what we keep and what goes? --- The politicians and the companies involved would be barred from supporting or demonizing any of these programs. The cost of the program relative to the overall budget, a list of needs it meets and whether it uses fee or fixed priced contracts. Alternative budgets and functions it loses could be submitted. This would take the blame off the politicians and we might actually feel that our votes really counted.
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  • Exactly...
    Exactly right. Both parties are in up to the hilt in payments from private business. This is about as far as we can go with cuts to domestic discretionary spending. Military spending could stand a bit more, for instance, bringing home EVERYone from Germany, Japan, Italy, etc. However, the REAL cuts will have to come when the President and Congress can GROW UP and stop worrying about WHO WINS (YAY! MY TEAM!) and start reforming entitlement spending, maximum age to 69, for example, etc., etc.
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  • Re: Where's the list of contractor cuts? Public vote on what stays and what goes?
    Your Worst Nightmare
    That is a good question, just take the Department of Labor who contracts a bunch of inefficient and overpriced contractors for call centers that when the general public calls is just a referral service. No services no help, no guidance, they are just a runaround game. It is sad just seeing how our tax dollars go to fund worthless and useless "services". Mr. Obama, congress and senate representatives, please! Assess how our tax dollars are wasted on contracts that are not doing anything for the American Public.
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  • Foreign Aid
    How about we cut back on some of the crazy foreign aid we promise to everyone. If we are borrowing $$ from China there is no need to give away tax payer money. To these Washington idiots, it is all monopoly money. Also, I would like to point to the article out today which says our government is set to collect record revenue in 2013. This clearly shows that we have a spending problem that must be addressed. How many weeks of unemployment are we giving away now? What about the "Obama phone" prog that was found to have hundreds of millions of dollars of fraud. Stupid government handout programs have got to stop! Also, Congress needs to have their pay cut if they can't do their job. These ppl need a wake-up call, like NOW!
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  • Federal Workers Count Less Than Syria and Egypt with this Administration
    Radar Tech
    Syria just got $100 Million in foreign aid from this administration. Egypt just got $250 Million in foreign aid from this administration. Evidently, it is more important for this administration to give away money to countries that hate us than it is to keep federal workers employed. Homeland Security just announced they are purchasing 2,700 MRAP vehicles for domestic use - that's 54 armored cars per state! What the heck do they need over a billion rounds of hollow point ammunition and a few combat regiments worth of armored cars for? But, we can furlough employees! The FAA will be furloughing excepted (read ESSENTIAL) personnel right along with the secretaries...so when a radar breaks or a host at a center goes down, you can expect a rather large impact. This is politics with our jobs and with the safety of the American public!
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  • Housing and Urban Development
    What about HUD? We are losing a minimum of seven days before the end of the fiscal year.
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  • HUD
    HUD should be shut down.
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  • Sequestration - Justice Department
    It's not only the assistant U.S. Attorneys who are facing 14 furlough days at the U.S. Attorney Offices, the legal assistants and other lower payscale employees are facing the same 14 furlough days.
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