2:01 am, May 23, 2015

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  • How will my investment react?
    The question I have, which no one has attempted to answer, is how will sequestration effect the various funds. Should I pull my money out of the C, S and I funds now? Is the always safe G fund still safe? How about the F fund? I don't expect the economic impact to begin effecting the economy until 1 April. But I want to be prepared.
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  • Simple
    I'd run from anyone who tries to tell you what the market is going to do especially in the short term. The only thing you can be certain of is the G fund is not going to lose money. Having said that you wouldn't want to be heavily invested in the G fund if you're young. What one should do depends on how much time you have until retirement. If you have more than 10 years to go I'd stay the course and ignore the ups and downs in the market. I've never been a fan of trying to time the market, nor am I a fan of being too conservative with my money with so many years to go until retirement. Although some may claim they have a way of knowing when to move in and out of funds I'd be willing to bet that a person who stays the course over 30 years will most likely have more in the TSP when they retire than the person who constantly jumps in and out of funds over that same period. There are exceptions to every rule, but I think it's too risky trying to time the market with your TSP, especially if you're FERS. Bottom line, if you're young you should have more in the C, S, and I. If you're getting old you should be more conservative. That's why I like the lifecycle funds. It takes the guess work out of it. I think the lifecycle funds are a bit too conservative, but they do adjust according to your year of retirement.
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  • Not Simple
    Rob, you are giving good advice for normal times. Sequestration is certainly not normal. The hurt caused to government contractors will eventually be felt by the stock market.
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  • Good advice
    Rob, good advise. Just let it ride. Even age is an interesting factor, because federal workers can retire fairly young and life expectancy is 76, you don't want to be too conservative too soon. If you retire at 60, you could live another 30 years, so need the money to last.
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  • Fund questions
    Rob talked about investment strategy of diversification which is good. What I think Michael wants to know is about govt Fund games, like taking the G fund or not making contributions. I'd like to know too, but I'm not sure anybody knows because DC is making this up as they go.
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  • The Govt is spending the G Fund now
    deployed decoy
    A two time BIG lottery winner, a federal judge, both a current and retired school teacher, a expat American family and a Turkish Donnor Kebab cart pusher all have in common one thing in Germany. Well several things. They all pay around 49% total income tax, they all pay 19% VAT (sales tax), they all pay about $9/gal for gas, and they all live in the same modest but slightly above center of middle class Row House complex. The only problem I have with Socialism as it is going to get shoved into Americans faces (or default, much worse), is the center line is going down to the level of living under a bridge in a DRY cardboard box. I do believe when I apply for TSP my $400,000 plus will still be there and congress will even give me back my G Fund they are using today to keep the subs on station during this mess. But that money is not going to do me a darn bit of good. When bread is selling for $36,999 a loaf.
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  • TSP rollover at retirement
    WHo in their right mind wouldn't do this? Surely the eminent DD would have done so! Remember you can't eat those gold coins. But there's nothing in the TSP that will protect you from inflation. At least with a broker you've got an array of choices that might give you a fighting chance.
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  • Sure it will
    You will be able to buy 10 loaves of bread.
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