9:05 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, Virginia
    Rock Man
    Our Nation's largest and most diversified naval shipyard will get hit hard too. Sitting just across the James River from Newport News Shipbuilding, (and not to be confused with Newport News Shipbuildng), Norfolk Naval Shipyard will lose many hours of productivity in the overhaul and repair of Navy vessels. Yet, Defense and Intelligence have to bear their share of the sequestration burden, along with non-defense agencies. The ripple effect to local businesses in Hampton Roads, however, will be astounding. In the Stock Market, I think they call it a "correction". I call it bowing down to Tea Party Republicans in the House of Representatives. Just wait until the CR issue pops up on March 27. We ain't seen nothin' yet !!
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  • Time for a Diaper Change?
    Fur Lowed
    [NOTE: I've asked every major Federal employee union, along with several Federal focused web sites to help me promote this petition. Not a ONE of them was interested. They all like to sit and complain - but not a ONE of them is interested in actually DOING anything about the hosing that Federal civilian employees are about to endure. Bottomline - if you think the Federal unions are going to actually "do" anything (other than wring their hands and moan) to help you - the Federal civilian employee - you need to wake-up.] If you're sick and tired of the President and Congress acting like spoiled brats - while holding you and your families hostage to their "childish games", then please let your voice be heard and sign the petition at http://wh.gov/vmcm Here is what the petition says: “Sharing the Sequestration Pay Cuts w/Congress and the President If federal employees are required to take furloughs and suffer 20% pay cuts, Congress (Senate and House) members and President Obama (the people who are responsible for the sequester and the resulting furloughing of federal employees) will "share the pain" by taking 20% pay cuts themselves. Members of Congress and the President (due to their inaction) will take responsibility and in a show of solidarity and unity with the 800,000+ employees - who through no fault of their own will be forced to accept 20% pay reductions - will share equally in the pain and suffering that they themselves are responsible for.” If the President and Congress want to act like babies, then they should be treated as such - diapers, pacifier and all.
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  • Idea to save shipyard jobs - Go back to Govt employees
    Honest Broker
    Did anyone notice that the shipyard has been outsourced to a big prime contractor? Has anyone checked the rate they charge the Govt versus what they pay their employees? Project on Govt Oversight (POGO.org) did and they found a 2 times to 5 times excessive cost. This study took into account all benefits including a 30 year retirement pension. They even checked the costs against true commercial workers. These news stories are conveniently interviewing the workers being let go and impact to Navy deployments instead of raising the flag that we were duped into this idea that outsourcing gets better results. The only beneficiaries are the politicians, company owners, lobbyists, and influential Govt personnel (military and civilian) being offered high paying post retirement jobs. The politicians knew they could not control themselves, so there may be some wisdom in this sequestration and we might finally get back on a reasonable budget.
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