6:42 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Sequestration may have been the only way
    Honest Broker
    The effect on Govt employees seems to be in the news, but which contractors are effected? By how much? The politicans are slaved to these companies, so that tells me the politicians are scared. The sequestration may have been the only way they could guarantee that the US returned to some kind of budget. Maybe Americans will finally be forced to look at the waste such as outsourcing and the associated fee based contracting versus the old fixed price model. Allowing influential Govt personnel (military and civilian) to take post retirement jobs with Govt contractors just invites conflicts of interest. Sequestration may have been a wise decision, but we still have a lot waste and corruption that needs to be addressed. Too bad the average American always gets the bad end of any deals coming out of Washington.
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  • Not the only way
    How about getting out of the crisis first?
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  • Ya better start puuting your TRUST in God and these silly devils in the WH
    Quite frankly, a lot of you people need to get a GRIP!! Especially these Obama HATERS. As far as I am concerned, it does not matter who started this sequester mess. Congress HAS FAILED for barely 8 yrs now to pass anything. They HATE Obama so much that they are willing to put this country and the people down in the gutter. ----This country has been jacked up since that ignorant GWB left office. The very same Congress who sat under GWB sat on their butt then and allowed the country to get into debt by funding wars Americans had no business in and passed laws that helped the very rich get even RICHER, while the poor got even POORER. Now they want to talk about debt crisis because here is a black man who is President and a lot of these silly folks hiding behind suits are nothing but KKK who thinks only a white man can run this country. -- We had white men who ran the country and the only 1 who got the country out of debt was Andrew Jackson, after him, NONE. When that silly Reagan got in office the US started going down hill. Clinton did do good stuff and after him GWB senior really did nothing but pass oil laws to make him self and other oil men rich because he owned oil fields. Congress comes along and passes laws by making deals with lobbyist to benefit. I don't agree with Obama borrowing so much money from China either that has propelled this country into a huge debt crisis. I don't trust China at all and all who has moved their business over there will get caught up in China mess for being so money hungry. --All these people have done to this country is SCREWED it up and you Americans need to shut about it. You don't pray and ask God to put men and woman in the WH who isn’t afraid to call on Him to get answers. You people put to much hope and trust into these mere dumb men. The US is not done yet, we haven't seen anything yet. This country is going to get blown up again and the next time will be far worse because we have these devil that is in WH that is full destruction and they play with God thinking to themselves that they run things. They don't run anything; someone or some bodies will blow up areas in this country. With all these cuts, do you honestly think that all TSA will be on the job 100% being that they will be over worked and less man power? How about Border Patrol? How about Food Inspectors? Don't you think for 1 min that these countries that hate the US isn't watching ALL this stupidity that is going on and listening to what is being cut? These folks are bidding their time as to when to do their damage. So while that few of us are on here hating, you need to get GRIP and look at the full spectrum of things. If these folks find a way into this country to do damage then you will have something to really cry about. WAKE UP! And quit relying on these devils and start praying.--And get rid of these abominations of same sex marriages too!
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  • Typo's > Ya better start putting your TRUST in God and NOT these silly devils in the WH
    Is what I meant in this post. Thanks BL
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