8:21 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Three weeks
    Yay! Its THREE WEEKS until the end of March continuing Resolution has to be worked out. Don't think for a second that this wasn't part o' politics. They'll work out their bigger deal now with Obomba getting a bone in some tax loopholes to be closed, and the repubs gettin' what they want (the same thing the dems want), which is more money from Lockheed Martin. We may actually see some sort of entitlement reform. After all, they could care less about that. Nobody in Medicaid, Social Security, etc., is throwing the Congress little envelopes with LOTS o' cash in 'em, ey, my naive little friends.
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  • GOYA
    As John Boehner said on the news the other night....get off your a##. That's exactly what Congress should do. Good for nothings except themselves.
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