11:35 pm, May 23, 2015

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  • Skyfall
    When the sky falls, earth will crumble! No more chickens in every pot! Meteors from space will eat your children! No more airplanes!!!! All U.S. personnel overseas will cease to breathe! No more pizza! What about the children? WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN??? Forget that, what about those cash envelopes going to everyone on Capital Hill from Lockheed Martin??? THE HORROR! THE HORROR!
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  • Shouldn't the President and Congress Share in the Sequestration Pay Cuts?
    Fur Lowed
    If you're sick and tired of the President and Congress acting like spoiled brats - while holding you and your families hostage to their "childish games", then please let your voice be heard and sign the petition at http://wh.gov/vmcm Here is what the petition says: “Sharing the Sequestration Pay Cuts w/Congress and the President If federal employees are required to take furloughs and suffer 20% pay cuts, Congress (Senate and House) members and President Obama (the people who are responsible for the sequester and the resulting furloughing of federal employees) will "share the pain" by taking 20% pay cuts themselves. Members of Congress and the President (due to their inaction) will take responsibility and in a show of solidarity and unity with the 800,000+ employees - who through no fault of their own will be forced to accept 20% pay reductions - will share equally in the pain and suffering that they themselves are responsible for.” If the President and Congress want to act like babies, then they should be treated as such - diapers, pacifier and all.
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