3:24 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • TSA Prevarication
    A bit of research shows the TSA 2008 budget was $6.4 billion for 50,167 personnel. Obama's 2013 budget request was for $7.6 billion for 47,000 TSO officers. Commercial air traffic is down 27 percent from 2008. Yet. there will be long lines at the airports. Someone is prevaricating.
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  • How About the Whole Truth
    Instead of raising vague, but probably true statements, get us details as to why. I assume you meant TSA and not TSO. What is the breakdown of air controllers vs lower paid positions? And what are the pay increases controllers got for a very stressful job? Don't draw conclusions with few facts.
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  • Bombshell or Burp - Stand Tall, Tony!
    When we accepted our jobs, we all took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution. The circus acts of our "leaders" should never dictate our dedication to upholding our individual duties and responsibilities to the American people. Every nickel I am paid as a federal employee is a nickel someone else both earned and paid to his/her government in taxes. Any federal employee who CHOOSES to "not give a d___ anymore" because of the actions or spoken words of others, no matter how irresponsible or irrational, is a person who contributes to giving all public employees a bad name. No matter what happens, let's keep our chins up and continue serving America with pride and let the clowns in the White House and Capitol Hill do whatever makes them feel better about themselves.
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  • DalerV
    I must agree. Federal service done well and correctly is an honorable profession. Not done well, is a theft from the public purse. Yes, it is a small theft compared with out political bosses, but theft nonetheless.
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