12:39 am, May 23, 2015

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  • What is the Morris K Udall scholarship foundation?
    And why do we need it? Time to cut all these pork barrel projects.
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  • The Udall Foundation provides.....
    FERS Fed
    .....scholarships, internships, and doctoral dissertation fellowships to "foster a greater recognition and understanding of the role of the environment, public lands and resources in the development of the United States", and "identify critical environmental issues". ..... So, that would be higher education and critical environmental issues. ..... Easy to see why conservatives would be opposed to those.
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  • These cuts don't mean a thing
    Even with these small cuts the U.S. credit rating will be downgraded in 90 days.
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  • Let Them Go
    Chuckle heads like Tom Coburn need to go away this great country would be much better off with no house/senate than the bunch of whiny millionaries that have lost touch with reality. These guys don't even qualify for a paycheck or their benefits for the amount of work they do. Just think of how much could be saved by furloughing them.
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  • Budget
    Honestly, why worry about furloughs if the government shuts down March 27? Has everyone forgotten that the government runs out of money on that date? Seriously. A day off without pay here and there is better than no pay at all.
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  • Just the beginning
    I feel that this is just the begining of a much bigger reduction in force. Not only is there talks about pay freezes for both COLA and In Grade Steps, there is also talk about things like increasing the amount of money that Federal Employees have to pay on their health insurance, no pay raises for another 3 years, reduction in the amount of money that the feds match in thrift savings, and the list goes on and on. I believe that this congress is going to knock things down a few notches for the next few years. With this though, there is going to be serious backlash effects, which congress more than likely feels are acceptable risks. If economist are correct in their analysis, the stock market will begin to start tanking within a week of the sequestration, if not sooner. We may already be seeing the beginning of the run on Wall Street. Shareholders and speculators have been running the price of stock and oil comodities up for the last couple of months to prime it for when sequestration hits. Watch the Markets this coming Thursday. You won't have to wait until Friday to see the fireworks. I am sure its going to be an interesting show indeed.
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