8:11 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • gov worker's morale
    Here's a solution for morale: http://www.theanarchistalternative.info/QuitGov/
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  • My Morale is HIGH! I've been RETIRED now for more than five years. Check hits EVERY FIRST OF THE MONTH!
    The Original Joe S
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  • Im totally saddened
    I am totally saddened by the lack of morale in these Federal workers! they should be so happy. After all, they are doing totally unnecessary jobs for very high pay and doing it all on stolen money!
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  • Sorry you are sad Paul...
    I'm swimming in cash, vacation days, and with no real responsibility. Maybe you can join us...oh, that's right you can't. With no more hiring due to the budget cuts, we are now a very exclusive club. No new members. Tomorrow's main task? Restocking the mini bar in my "tricked out" cube. I even have cable.
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  • Politicians Succeeded -- Blame the Govt Employees
    Honest Broker
    I can't believe that I read all 71 comments on this article, but it showed me a common theme - THE POLITICIANS HAVE SUCCESSFULLY DIVERTED ATTENTION AWAY FROM THEIR GREED OVER SEVERAL DECADES. During the dot COM era, commercial pay was excellent but then it was outsourced. The politicians changed the contracts from fixed pricing to fee based, so the sky is the limit for certain employees while the worker bees get minimal pay. They changed hiring laws, so contractors could hire influential Govt employees (military and civilian) and pay them through these new fee based contracts. Then they let companies hire illegals with no threat of penalty. The list of decisions is long of what our politicians did to the country and now I see all this venom envoked on Govt employees. WOW, the politicians really have some good SPIN DOCTORS!!
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