3:41 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Really?
    If you don't like how the government is run or what they are doing or how they serve the people, go live in another country, like Greece or Spain. Just leave. Go somewhere else. We are more fortunate than we realize and yet it comes down to private vs. public employment? Both sectors have their pluses and minues, deadbeats and super stars, low pay and high pay. Really people. How little we've become.
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  • You parasites need to be FIRED!
    Anybody with an ounce of self-respect or the least bit of talent, unless they wanted to be a soldier or judge, would NEVER consider sucking on the taxpayer teat as a government "worker". We produce actual goods and services for customers who have the freedom to choose and to say "no". You parasites need to be fired. And it's coming; we're broke thanks to democRat politicians and you useless parasites.
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  • All the haters
    I was wondering where all the haters were coming from but a quick check at Drudge showed that it was at the top of the page. How predicatable.
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  • Time to give back to the community, parasites!
    Time to give back to the community, parasites!
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  • Hecklers
    Ok...this goes to all you Hecklers and Idiots. But before I start you need to know that I am a Retired Federal Employee of 26 years. My pension is only $1100.00 a month take home. You think Federal Employees are highly paid, Benefit Laden and spoiled....Well, you are wrong. 85% of Federal Employees make LESS than $60,000.00 a year, that is not a lot when Taxes, Union Dues (most ees hate the union), Medicare, SSN, and the taxed FERS (self/employee retirement), the workers are lucky to bring home $2000.00 a month. Figure Rent $1000.00 month, PG&E $250.00, Water and Sewer $125.00 month, Gas $200.00 month. Groceries and clothes takes what is left. Those were my costs when I RETIRED. You, who think Federal Employees are whiners or spoilt rotten, have NO CLUE what these Public Servants put up with. Federal Employees who serve the Actual Public in Customer Service Jobs are constantly yelled at, sneered at, treated like dirt, and are sometimes physically attacked by an upset Public for what OUR bosses in Washington do. Those Bosses pay Aides over $100,000.00 a year to protect them from YOU the Public and they are NOT Federal Employees. Makes you wonder why Aides are paid so well when the 85% under $60,000.00 a year handle the Public for a lot less. Federal Employees are just like you and me..they need their job to support their families, pay their bills and help their kids get to college. They endure constant Public Ridicule and Humiliation by the Public and by their Washington Bosses all for the sake of our families. Yes, Federal Employee morale is low. Yes, there have even been some Suicides due to the low morale, public ridicule and humiliation, and Workplace Stress. You think Federal Employees have it soooo great, You truly have no idea what Federal Employees endure just to take care of their families. Those of you who criticize and make fun of Federal Employees are probably the ones who threaten us on the phone, or yell at us at a window, or try to physically hurt us because you didnt get your Green Card, or you Food Stamps, or your Vet Benefits, or your Medication on time. All these programs are being CUT BY THE PEOPLE in Washington, Not the Federal Employee in front of you. Federal and State Employees are just Targets for all you haters. May God forgive you all...
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