7:47 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Federal employees are a spoiled bunch of THUGS!!
    The reason a federal employees job is worthless is because they do not make anything productive for society that society wants or would need. Instead they rob and steal through taxations and fines (in forms of Regulations) from working Americans. There. Now you Feds know why you suck at your job. You all are the real leeches of a productive society.
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  • Ahhhh
    right, so all those worthless fire fighters, cops, and soldiers are worthless because they too "do not make anything productive"? I guess all those intel analysts who found UBL sucked at their jobs too huh? If you don't want our government to be part of your life then go be Amish, or even better - a Canadian.
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  • Really!!
    Time Bandit
    I used to be a defense contractor for 10 years with the Navy in DC prior to being laid off in 2010, I wasn't one making the big bucks like those I worked with but I did my job because I loved working for the Navy. I felt it an honor and priviledge to have the job I had, others didn't feel the same. I started working at the Navy Yard from 2005-2010, I never saw so many sour pusses and debbie downers in my life. Civilians would call the WNY a shyyt hole, the pits, a septic tank, etc. Many criticized their jobs, my question to them was if they were so unhappy why not leave? Their response...the money! They know their job and experience is specific to one industry..Defense. There is no way they could find another job outside the defense sector making the same money they are currently making in the gov't, so in a nutshell, be happy you have a job and getting paid what you are making.
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  • Private vs. public
    Anyone that has a job is fortunate whether in the private or public sector. Perhaps we all have a tale of woe is me not matter where we've worked. I've worked in both...I made more money in private without a raise for the last two years I worked in private. To have a job at the beginning of the recession and to get off of unemployment I took a 50% pay cut for a job in the public sector... I made more on unemployment. Nor is it likely that I will make what I made in private sector since our pay continues to be frozen, while Congress' continues to go up for doing NOTHING. If they think they represent we the people, no wonder we are where we are. They should have the same benefits that we pay for (including vacation and sick leave) as the rest of us, and be on the GS pay scale. We are all in this together, so we should all do our part whether working in private or public sector. Cut/reform entitlements, raise taxes and if necessary furlough/sequester. Why should one group be made to be the only cause (not) and supposed fix (not) as Congress would have everyone think? Because it takes the focus of them or so they think. Don't blame us, blame the federal employees and some people are dumb enough to believe it.
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  • Cry me a river
    J Johnson
    "He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance." Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776 This general government has way too many leeches feeding off the producers. We fought a war against a tyrant in 1776 for the same thing this general government is doing. So excuse me for not caring if these leeches are feeling bad. Who is John Galt? So screw the thieves in Washington DC. I am on strike.
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  • They should have low morale.
    Frank Cotton
    Sure, some of the federal workers are good people and hard workers. However, they are part of an organization (the Federal Government) that is an embarrassment. They work for an organization that pays them using money that's forcefully taken from hard working citizens. They work for an organization that's corrupt and wasteful. They are essentially forced to do this to feed their families because the organization that they work for has instituted policies that eliminate the option of moving into the private sector and working for an honorable organization. A high percentage of federal workers are freeloading crooks who deserve to lose their jobs- these people know who they are and they know how society feels about them. Some federal workers are good people and hard workers- such federal workers suck it up, go to work every day, work hard and try to have as much of a positive effect on society as they can while knowingly being a part of a larger organization that does more damage than good. Either way, it's no wonder their morale is low. Mine would be low too if I were one of them.
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