11:42 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Forlough Fed Employees
    It seems no one is addressing the major impact the forlough would have on federal employees. Many live paycheck to paycheck, many have mortgages that will go into forclosure and there are various circumstances that will evolve into major issues if this forlough should occur. For instance, there is a friend of mine whom pays for her mother whom is in a Nursing home, another who has a child with major medical bills etc etc etc . The federal employee is paid much less than private industry as it is, we have not received a raise going on three years. why should we pay for all of the budgetary problems...
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  • The gutting of government
    Months ago Bo(h)ner said that "if they won't take the whole loaf we'll feed it to them one slice at a time". As a result we have had one manufactured crisis after another since. repugnantcons demand a smaller government, one small enough to drown in a bathtub and so far the Democrats have caved mostly every time, this time it seems that no one will blink and we the people are going to suffer the consequences. Closing loopholes in the tax code and stopping subsidies to oil companies for instance would bring in triple what the cons are calling for but they won't hear of it and as they have gerrymandered congressional districts 90% of them are safe come re-election time even if they bring this country to it's knees. I have called and written to my congressman, a Dem in Indiana of all places so he has zero pull when it comes to saying anything to these idiots. Calling any other it would seem would be no less effective but I have begun that task as well. How much greed and power is enough.
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